The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2022

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Instagram is a social media platform that is filled with many marketing opportunities for businesses and Instagram influencers alike. However, understanding the ins and outs of Instagram is pivotal to reaching wide audiences. If you want your Instagram posts to be viewed by as many of your followers as possible, then you must take a number of factors into consideration. The location and time zone of your target audience are just a couple of factors that contribute to receiving wide exposure on Instagram. There is no real answer for the best time to post on Instagram as it all depends on what works best for you. As a result, you must understand how to appeal to your demographic in the right ways.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

With over 40 billion photos and videos available on the platform, there are so many contributing factors that determine the best time to post on Instagram. There exists a general time frame that can be used as a guideline for your business. Posting between 9am and 11am EST has proven to be successful for businesses. However, different studies display different ideal times to post on Instagram due to the existence of numerous time zones in the world. If the time zone of your most active followers is not EST, then you can still use this as a guide. For example, if you or your target audience resides in the UK, then posting between 9am and 11am GMT will still be effective. However, doing your research to find the times when your audience is most active is the most practical way to find the best time to post on Instagram. 

Here is a chart for the best time of day to post on Instagram according to Later.

best time to post on instagram chart

Image sourced from Later

We have decided to break down the best hour to post on Instagram for each day of the week according to EST:


Monday: 6am, 10am, and 10pm EST

Tuesday: 2am, 4am, and 9m EST

Wednesday: 7am, 8am, and 11pm EST

Thursday: 9am, 12pm, and 7pm 

Friday: 5am, 1pm, and 3pm EST

Saturday: 11am, 7pm, and 8pm EST 

Sunday: 7am, 8am, and 4pm EST

What are the best days to post on Instagram?

According to many studies, Wednesday at 11am and Friday at 10am-11am are the best days and times to post on Instagram. Although these are popular days to post on Instagram for many, you must decide whether this aligns with the peak times that your followers are most active on Instagram.  

There are also existing studies which claim that posting on a Sunday is the worst day to post any content on Instagram, so try to avoid this if your specific audience is not active on this day.

Contributing factors

Make exciting content 

Whilst it is important that your followers are exposed to your Instagram posts, it is equally as important that your content appeals to your audience. Making sure that your content is captivating will guarantee an increase in engagement rates with your posts. 

Frequently post on Instagram 

One way that will ensure that your followers are engaging with your Instagram account is to post on a regular basis. Some studies recommend posting on Instagram a minimum of three times per day. However, deciding how often you should post depends on your audience. For example, if you currently post once a day, try posting twice a day to see whether this increases your followers. You should measure your progress based on engagement with your posts.


The pandemic is affecting social media user habits, which means that people are staying active on platforms like Instagram for longer periods of time. Whilst we have provided a guide for the best times to post on Instagram, you should consider whether COVID-19 will have an impact on the activity times of your target audience. For businesses and social media influencers, recognising the habits of your audiences will heighten viewer activity and engagement rates with your posts.


When is the best time to post on Instagram? 

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends entirely on your audience’s needs. As a general rule, posting between 9am and 11am EST is popular on Instagram. 

When are people most active on Instagram?

Instagram users are typically most active on Wednesday’s at 11am and Friday’s between 10am and 11am. 

How many Instagram posts per day? 

Over 8 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day. Instagram allows for a maximum of 5 photos to be shared per hour for each user.

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