Tech Influencer Marketing: An Overview

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The IT industry believes that technology begins to obsolete itself every 18 months, and has done for the last 50 years. Because of this, trying to understand what purchases to make while ensuring that the product is not going to become outdated before you can press ‘pay’, can be a stressful task. Thanks to tech influencer marketing, this process has become a little easier over the years. 

What is a technology influencer?

Technology influencers are people who use their popular social media profiles to review and spread the word about new tech products, services and trends within the tech industry. For many, tech is their passion and so they are often the first to find newly released products that they cannot wait to share with their engaged followers. 

As briefly touched upon already, technology influencers can be extremely beneficial in guiding you through a purchase decision. This is where tech influencer marketing comes into play. 

In today’s climate there is such a broad range of technology out there, that it is oftentimes difficult to distinguish between what is worth the hype and what isn’t. With 92% of consumers trusting word-of-mouth advertising over any other form, technology influencers cement their place in the industry as the go-to for consumers. 

It is important to note that while almost anyone can be considered an influencer in other spheres, those who choose to pursue tech influencer marketing must be experts in this field due to the complexity of the products they are promoting. Having said this, just like other influencing spheres, the tech sphere still has a variety of influencer sizes. In fact, tech micro-influencers on Instagram have an incredibly impressive engagement rate of 175%, while mega influencers sit at 8%; again, another impressive rate. 

Tech influencer Marketing

Tech influencer marketing: getting started

Where to find them

When finding tech influencers, it’s important to seek out where they like to reside in the social media realm. You will most likely find them all hanging out on either YouTube or Instagram, with a handful of them also on Twitch. Alongside social media platforms, most tech influencers have their own websites where they share their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. Showing an influencer that you are aware of their work by connecting with them through their website is another beneficial way of entering into a partnership, as your approach will be deemed as authentic and genuine. 

Approach with caution

The number of tech consumers is increasing, driven by the growth in smartphone ownership predicted to sit at 4.3 billion in 2023. Because of this, it is vital that you choose the correct technology influencers to promote your products successfully and effectively. 

You can find influencers to suit your niche through a google search, an Instagram hashtag or even through an influencer marketplace; just to name a few solutions. If you are new around here and aren’t quite sure where to begin when choosing influencers to add to your pool, check out our ‘How to Choose an Influencer’ blog for all you need to know!

Here are a few top tips to bear in mind when conducting your search:

Do not seek influencers outside of your industry – the tech community will form more of a connection with a fellow techie than with an outsider.

Identify and build homegrown influencers – before jumping straight at the chance to partner with the biggest influencer, see if there are any seasoned and competent techies and engineers within your firm. An audience wants someone who is clued up on what they are talking about, they don’t care about fame. 

Build a nurturing plan 

Push push push – nominate influencers to speak at third-party or company-owned events. This will improve their image as an influencer and will assist you in developing low-cost, high-effective tech influencer marketing strategies.

Current top-ranking technology influencers 

  1. Marques Brownlee – 15.9M subscribers – most popular 
  2. Linus Tech Tips – 14.7M subscribers – most DIY
  3. Erica Griffin – 881k subscribers – most “in-depth”
  4. ColdFusion – 3.63M subscribers – most fascinating
  5. Unbox Therapy – 18.2M subscribers – most simple and satisfying
  6. Sara Dietschy – 866k subscribers – most creative .


What is a technology influencer?

Someone who uses social media to review and spread the word about new products, services and trends in the tech industry.

Who are the biggest tech influencers?

The current top three tech influencers are:

  1. Marques Brownlee 
  2. Unbox Therapy 
  3. Linus Tech Tips

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