SPENCER VINCENT – “I started my business when I was a pub landlord and started creating content as a hobby on the quiet nights in the bar.”

February 11th, 2019 by

Today we had some time to chat to content creator, Spencer Vincent, who’s Eastenders themed blog has gained a lot of fans over the years. Spencer is looking at taking his business further, and explains how his niche audience might just be perfect for influencer marketing. Enjoy!

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you started to build a following?

I started as a Facebook page, growing organically over 4 years to around 150,000 followers. In 2014 I decided to start an online blog to run alongside the page, and my audience grew to over 400,000 and is steadily growing.

What would you define Influencer Marketing as?

Being paid to advertise a particular product that I think my readers would be interested in, this is why I have chosen to go down the influencer marketing route. My readers are extremely loyal and I wouldn’t want to bombard them with unnecessary ads.

What sort of content do you create and what content works best for your audience?

I create articles in relation to current storylines. These can range from health, to lifestyle, to family relationships, and usually very real to life topics.

What is the message you are trying to portray as an influencer?

I like to think that my readers also know me very well by now, and that whatever is seen on my blog can be trusted, including any advertising.

What is your dream brand to work with and why?

There are many brands whose clothing is used on the show, and I would love to work with them as our inbox can fill up when fans of the show want to know where they can buy a particular piece of clothing.

How do you see the influencer marketing industry changing in 2019?

I personally feel that influencer marketing is a more honest and organic type of advertising and think it will eventually challenge other ad network platforms.

Tell us something about you that people might not know?

I started my business when I was a pub landlord and started creating content as a hobby on the quiet nights in the bar.

Where do you want to take your career as an Influencer?

I am very new to influencer marketing and have very little experience to know which direction it could possibly take me.

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