Social Media Updates: November 2022

December 2nd, 2022 by

A new month means new platform updates. What are the key social media updates you need to be aware of?

TikTok Updates

TikTok Shop launches in the US

US TikTok users can now make purchases in-app with TikTok Shop. TikTok Shop was previously only available in the UK and a few Southeast Asian markets. TikTok Shop US will only support US-based merchants. 

TikTok updates its Marketing Partners 

TikTok has now made it even easier for brands to find relevant partners on the platform. Marketers can find a partner across one or more of these six categories: campaign management, measurement, creative, effects, commerce and sound.

Marketers can filter partners by category, country and language. 

TikTok updates its Marketing Partners 

Instagram Updates

Add music to your static posts

Instagram users can now add a sound to their image posts. Users can add between five and 90 seconds of music to their post in the post creation flow when editing captions, tagging people and adding a location.

Brands will still be limited to licensed tracks from Meta’s Sound Collection. 

Add music to your static posts

Schedule Instagram posts in-app 

Instagram has finally rolled out native post scheduling. The feature is available to professional accounts, and supports posts, carousels and Reels scheduled up to 75 days in advance. 

To schedule, tap Advanced Settings, then toggle on Schedule This Post. Set a date and time, then tap Schedule. Users can manage and reschedule their posts under Scheduled Content.

Schedule Instagram posts in-app 

Twitter Updates

Twitter has refreshed three ad types

Twitter has released updates on three different ad types to make advertising more relevant. It has updated the Conversion goal, and the Dynamic Product Ads, and has launched Collection Ads—a swipeable carousel that sends users to a new landing page. 

Twitter verification has been revamped (again…)

Elon announced he would be pausing Twitter Blue sign ups and relaunching it a fortnite later in order to fix the various verification issues that caused parody and misleading accounts. 

Twitter Blue will relaunch on 2nd December with three check marks: grey for government officials, gold for companies, and blue for individuals, whether notable people or otherwise.

YouTube Updates

YouTube tests two new Community posting options

YouTube is updating its Community feed for channels with over 500 subscribers. YouTube is bringing image posts’ improved editing tools to a select number of creators on iOS—something already available on Android. 

YouTube is also beta testing quiz posts with a small number of creators. Creators with access can create quizzes the same way as other kinds of Community posts.

Snapchat Updates

Snapchat partners with BigCommerce

Snapchat has partnered with ecommerce platform BigCommerce, allowing merchants to integrate their product catalogues within Snapchat.

Merchants need the BigCommerce app installed, and from there they can place the Snap Pixel, sync product catalogues and run Snapchat ad campaigns optimised for online store visits, purchases and retargeting.

It’s currently available in the US and is expected to expand to other markets in the new year. 

Snapchat partners with BigCommerce

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