Social Media Updates: June 2022

June 30th, 2022 by

A new month means new platform updates. What are the key social media updates you need to be aware of?

TikTok Updates

TikTok launches Attribution Manager

TikTok’s new Attribution Manager allows advertisers control the click-through attribution window for campaigns ranging from one day to 28 days. When enabled, advertisers can change the view-through attribution window for campaigns lasting up to seven days.

Tiktok Manager

TikTok’s default attribution shows seven-day click and one-day view data based on responses from the TikTok Pixel and the Events API. 

Customisable attribution windows give advertisers flexibility when measuring campaign results, depending on the brand and campaign type.

TikTok users can flag deceptive ads

TikToker users will soon be able to flag undisclosed and deceptive ads. Following an agreement with the European Commission, users will now have the power to report undisclosed branded content and flag deceptive ads. 

The new agreement also prohibits the promotion of alcohol, cigarettes and ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Paid ads will be identified with a new label, and TikTok will encourage users publishing branded content to switch a toggle to inform users of its promotional status. 

TikTok launches Avatars

TikTok has launched avatars that users can  customise to become virtual representations of themselves. Users can create their avatar in the Effects section in the TikTok camera. 

Similarly to Apple’s Memoji, TikTok avatars mimic the motions of users when recording a message. Users can include Avatar stickers as overlays on their TikToks. 

Tiktok Avtars

As the metaverse looms, digital avatars are set to become the main way we interact with others in the virtual world. Avatars are a fun way for users to express their personality online. Brands are already securing partnerships with platforms to market avatar versions of apparel and accessories that fans can buy in the real world or in-app.

Instagram Updates

Post Reels through third-party apps

Brands and marketers will soon have more posting options for Instagram Reels as Meta announces it is launching irs Reels API for external use. 

API access allows platforms such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social to provide cross-platform posting and analytics within a single dashboard. This makes it significantly easier for brands and marketers to keep track of social posts and schedules in a central location. 

The new API will support content scheduling, insights, moderation, hashtag search and more within the Reels element.

Instagram has begun the rollout of the new processes to 25R of Instagram accounts today, but it will be fully accessible from July 6th. 

Instagram tests new AR elements & NFT features 

Instagram is testing new AR stickers and text within Stories, which will allow users to place 3D objects into real world scenes. The new range of AR elements will add animated, digital objects that you can overlay on your physical space. 

Instagram tests new AR elements & NFT features 

Instagram is also looking to incorporate another AR element with its new NFT display options, including a ‘See in AR’ feature. Users will be able to display any 2D NFTs they own anywhere they want using mobile AR. 

instagram ar

These initial AR elements will ideally bring in a new level of engagement with digital items, helping usher in Meta’s broader metaverse experiences. 

Improvements to blocking feature

Safety on Instagram is a frequently discussed topic. Instagram’s latest improvement to its blocking feature allows users to prevent accounts (and other associated accounts) from finding their profiles at all, and messaging them. 

Improvements to blocking feature

Twitter Updates

Twitter launches “Notes”

Twitter has launched a new ‘Notes’ feature, which provides a simple, integrated way to attach longer text elements to your tweets. 

The Notes UI is relatively basic, featuring all the typical elements of a blog post composer, including header images, the ability to insert images and links within text and a streamlined option to add in tweets. 

Once published, the Note will appear as a Twitter card that users can click on to be taken through to the full text. Notes users are limited to 100 characters for the Twitter card, but have up to 2,500 words within their Note. 

Unlike tweets, Note writers will be able to edit their notes after they’ve been published, with an ‘Edited’ label added to the top of the Note.

Finally, notes will also have unique URLs which people can navigate to from outside of the Twitter platform, ‘whether or not they are logged in to Twitter, and even if they do not have a Twitter account’.

Twitter launches Campaign Planner

Twitter has announced the launch of its new Campaign Planner platform that will assist Twitter ads strategies. 

Twitter launches Campaign Planner

Campaign Planner enables Twitter advertisers to forecast their campaign results before launching them on the platform, through a range of estimation tools based on your entered variables. The platform can forecast reach, impressions, average frequency, and CPM, while also providing insights on budget requirements, and expected results, based on Twitter’s database.

If you’re happy with the prediction, you can launch your ad campaign directly from the platform. 

Twitter promotes Spaces usage

Continuing to play into the audio trend, Twitter has added new ways to promote Spaces usage on the platform, including new Spaces buttons within tweet composer and retweet flow. 

The new Spaces button in the tweet composer will enable users to launch a Spaces broadcast instead of tweeting their thoughts, potentially initiating more topical discussions within the app. In addition to this, Twitter is also testina way for hosts to share Spaces via the retweet menu to provide context to audio chats. 

Twitter promotes Spaces usage

The new options create a more streamlined avenue to Spaces discussions, which could help people consider creating their own Spaces. 

Twitter rolls out Branded likes to all advertisers 

Twitter has announced that it will be offering its Branded Likes ad option to all advertisers, allowing brands to create custom Like animations for their tweets to help improve engagement in the app. 

While it will be difficult to measure the increased engagement of the tweet and the impact of a Branded like, the promotion could improve ad recall and resonance for your messaging. 

Branded Likes will be available as an ad option to all advertisers in the US, UK and Japan. 

YouTube Updates

Shoppable shorts

YouTube has introduced a new commerce feature: shoppable shorts. The new feature launched in a tie-up with Glossier; the beauty brand launched a new eyeliner in a three-week Shoppable Shorts Challenge. The shoppable Shorts function is not yet live in the UK. For UK consumers, Glossier has partnered with four local influencers who will help promote the eyeliner with private shoppable links.

LinkedIn updates

Simplified shares 

LikedIn has rolled out a simplified reshare to provide more engagement options to users. When selecting the Share prompt, users can now tap a Reshare option, which allows them to share the post without adding a comment.

Simplified shares

The update will help streamline engagement by reducing the need for users to add their own commentary for every reshare. 

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