Social Media Updates, January 2022

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With a new year comes new social media platform updates. What are the major platform updates you need to be aware of?

Instagram Updates

Instagram tests three new feed options

Instagram has announced it is testing new feed options that allow users to have more control over how posts appear on their feeds. Rather than only offering the algorithmic feed it currently has, Instagram will introduce “Favourites” and “Following” options. 

Instagram tests three new feed options

A “Home” option will continue to show the algorithmic feed. “Favourites” will allow users to curate a list of favourite accounts (similar to how Close Friends Stories work), so users will not miss content made from friends and favourite creators. The “Following” option brings back the much-demanded chronological feed. Content under this feed will be shown in chronological order. 

Instagram plans to launch the new feeds to all Instagram users in the first half of 2022. 

Instagram is developing a customizable grid

Instagram has announced it is testing a new feature that will allow users to edit the appearance of their profile photo grid. 

Instagram is developing a customizable grid

The new ‘Edit Grid’ feature (displayed in profile settings) will allow users to rearrange their profile photo grid to appear how they choose, regardless of when each photo was posted. So, instead of deleting or archiving posts that no longer match your feed aesthetic, you can simply rearrange your feed to your liking. 

Instagram rolls out Statuses

Instagram is currently in the process of rolling out a new ‘profile status’ option to users, which enables them to set a status notification on their profiles that will remain active for 24 hours. 

Instagram rolls out Statuses

The new status option will be displayed in your Direct Messaging tab, beneath your username at the top of the screen, allowing you to choose from different status options to display to your connections. Your selected status is then displayed in both the Direct tab and on your profile.

TikTok Updates

TikTok introduces Repost feature

TikTok has introduced a “Repost” option to users, which allows them to reshare TikToks to their followers.

TikTok introduces Repost feature

Currently listed in the sharing options alongside Save, Duet, Stitch and a user’s recent connections, selecting Repost amplifies the TikTok by sharing it in the Following and For You feeds of a user’s connections. When a clip is reposted, your followers will be able to see that you have reshared it in the video details, alongside any comments you have added to the clip.

Repost allows users to share TikToks to their connections all at once, rather than sharing individually. The repost option is a quick way to increase engagement by amplifying videos between friends.

TikTok tests “invite people to watch” feature

TikTok is testing an “invite people to watch” feature that will help creators bring their contacts to the platform and grow viewer numbers.

TikTok tests “invite people to watch” feature

Creators can invite their connections from third-party apps, including Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, to watch their videos and follow them on TikTok. The new feature only allows creators to share one clip at a time and with people they already are connected with.

Twitter Updates 

Twitter tests reaction videos for iOS

Twitter is experimenting with “Tweet Takes” which gives users the ability to respond to Tweets with a photo or video. Offered to selected iOS users, they can tap the Retweet icon, select Quote Tweet with Reaction, and then create their own Tweet Take. 

Twitter introduces NFT profile pictures

Some Twitter users have reported a new feature where they can add an NFT as their Twitter profile picture. If the user has their crypto wallet connected to their Twitter account, they can add an NFT. 

Twitter introduces NFT profile pictures

Users that can add NFTs as their profile pictures also have a new hexagonal format. While other users can have the same image as their profile picture, only the NFT owner will have the hexagonal shape. Profile visitors can tap on the NFT to learn more about its owner and creator. 

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