Social Media Updates, February 2022

February 24th, 2022 by

A new month means new platform updates. What are the key social media updates you need to be aware of?

Facebook Updates

Facebook Reels 

Facebook Reels is now available to Facebook users in over 150 countries, after a launch in the US last October. Reels on Facebook has similar functionalities to Instagram Reels including Remix, recommended Reels, sharing Reels to Facebook Stories and video clipping tools. 

Facebook Reels monetisation options will roll out to countries in the coming weeks, and will include overlay and full-screen immersive ads, Stars and an expanded Reels Play bonus programme. 

Facebook Reels can be found in Feed, Groups and Watch. 

facebook reels

Instagram Updates

90 second Reels 

Instagram is working on extending the maximum duration of Reels videos to 90 seconds, as per reputable tipster and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi’s recent Twitter post. This is most likely to replace the current 60-second limit for Reels.

“Live Banner” feature

Adam Mosseri, has announced a new “Live Banner” feature. This new feature would provide users with an option to schedule their live streams. This schedule will pop up on the user’s profile as a badge which would have a list of all of their upcoming live streams. Users will be able to create a schedule for future live streams as well.

live banner

Likes to Stories

The new feature allows users to engage with creators and friends without having to start a conversation. Users can like Stories by tapping a new heart icon at the bottom of the Stories view within the app. Story likes are not public; creators will be able to view their Story likes in their Story insights, with a small heart icon added next to the viewers’ name in the view listing.

like to stories

TikTok Updates

Brand Safety Center 

TikTok has announced the launch of a new Brand Safety Center, which will act as a reference point for its various brand safety resources and guides. The new Center provides links to various resources and reports, including TikTok’s transparency updates, its platform rules, and an overview of its key pillars for brand safety. 

In addition, the platform is testing diversified content recommendation models for the For You page so users won’t see an excess of potentially harmful content.

Brand safety centre

YouTube updates

NFT Integration 

YouTube is launching new creator tools to expand monetization, including allowing creators to sell content as NFTs so fans can “own” videos. The new monetization method is being introduced to help creators build deeper relationships with their fans, and allow new collaborations in ways that weren’t possible before. 

Creator-made NFT membership tokens would allow loyal followers exclusive access to their favourite creators in enhanced ways, such as meet and greets, product feedback loops or bonus content. 

YouTube is also working on its own metaverse projects, highlighting gaming as the first priority for virtual immersive experiences.

youtube nft

Shorts shopping integration

YouTube is planning many upgrades to its Shorts features in the coming year, namely new ways for creators to monetise Shorts, including expanding avenues for branded content, bringing Super Chat to Shorts, and eventually, enabling the ability to shop from a Short.

Snapchat Updates

Snap Map Events

Snapchat’s Ticketmatcher (created in partnership with Ticketmaster) feature connects users across 20 countries to local events and concerts in their neighbourhoods. Snapchat users can browse Ticketmaster’s catalogue of upcoming events (including comedy, concerts and sports events) by entering their Snap Map. The Ticketmatcher feature supports in-app ticket purchases, and users can invite their friends to join them through Snapchat stickers. 

Snap Map Events

Mid-roll Story ads

Creators on Snapchat can now enable mid-roll ads within their Stories, and will receive a share of the revenue generated from the ads shown within their public Stories. The ad revenue is calculated considering a few factors, including posting frequency and audience engagement. Mid-roll ads are being tested with select US creators and Snap Stars, but the feature will roll out later in the year. 

For advertisers, mid-roll Story ads are high-value ad placements that enable them to reach an established creator audience with interests aligning that of their target demographic.

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