How to Run a Fast Social Media Audit in 2023

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In the new Digital Age, it’s important that brands have a strong social media presence. However, many brands frequently lack a long-term plan when it comes to their social media marketing activities. Conducting a social media audit can help brands track their efforts and guide them towards an efficient and successful social media strategy. 

What is a social media audit?

First things first, a social media audit has nothing to do with taxes. A social media audit is the process of reviewing your business’ social media metrics to monitor growth, opportunities and what you can do to improve your brand’s social presence. A social media audit report will give you a clear idea of where your business stands on social media. 

Completing your first social media audit can be a tricky task, so finding an agency that can provide you with social media audit services may be beneficial. Once you have conducted the first, you will know what to do for the next ones as you will be working from social media audit examples. 

How to Run a Social Media Audit

Find your social media accounts

A social media audit checklist should contain all your social media accounts—both active and inactive. This may seem obvious, but it will help you. You don’t necessarily need to track your inactive accounts, but make sure you are aware of all of them. 

When searching for your social media accounts, make note of any accounts that have names similar to yours. Some of these may be impostor accounts that need shutting down. 

Ensure your accounts are complete

Once you have found all your social media accounts, make sure they are all complete and use your most up-to-date branding guidelines. This includes monitoring the tone of voice and messaging within biographies, the colour schemes and themes for banners and logo style for profile pictures. 

Identify your best performing posts

Based on your preferred metrics, you should identify which social media posts perform the best. You could monitor engagement or website referrals or conversions; whichever are most relevant for your brand and your purpose for using that particular social media platform. 

By finding your best performing posts, you are finding the base template you need to replicate in future. Knowing the type of content that performs best means you can make more of it. Given the changing tides of the social media sphere, this is likely to change regularly. 

Evaluate channel performance

This is where you look at the overall performance of your social media platform efforts, rather than specific posts. When evaluating your general platform performance, you should mark it back to your overall social media and marketing goals. This way, you know whether you are on the right track. 

Track your results over time

It’s not always the best use of time to only monitor your content from the two months. By comparing your results to content from each month, you can find the best times or calendar events to focus on. For example, you may perform better around Valentine’s Day than Halloween, so you should ensure your content frequency around Valentine’s is higher than normal. 

Calculate your return on investment

If you’re running a specific paid or organic campaign on any social network, you should calculate your ROI for each period as part of your social media audit.

This will show how much you spent on social media versus how much value your social efforts contributed to the company.

Decide which platforms are right for you

Once you have a full overview of exactly how (and why) your social media accounts are doing, you can decide on the future of each of them. If your audience isn’t as present on Facebook for example, you may choose to move resources to Instagram. 

You can change your mind on which social media platforms to focus on each time you perform a social media audit.


You should run a social media audit roughly between every 12 and 18 months. If you are going through a huge rebranding or implementing a new social media strategy, you may want to do this more frequently. 

There are elements of the social media audit that you should be completing regularly, such as calculating your ROI. 


What is a social media audit?

A social media audit is the process of reviewing your business’ social media metrics to monitor growth, opportunities and what you can do to improve your brand’s social presence. 

How often should I do a social media audit?

You should run an in-depth social media audit every 12-18 months. With how quickly the social media landscape changes, you will want to continually monitor your key metrics. You should create a social media audit report example that can be amended each time you run a social media audit. 

Why is a social media audit important for brands and companies?

A social media audit is important for brands as it helps businesses refocus their social media marketing efforts to achieve their business goals. A social media audit shows how well a brand is performing, any changes that need to be made and what should be prioritized moving forward. 

What can a social media audit do?

A social media audit can help brands realign their social media marketing priorities so they are guaranteed to meet their overall marketing objectives. A social media audit can identify areas that may need improvement and more support to ensure success. 

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