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Selling on social media is the new hot thing in the world of social. We’ve been following social commerce from the beginning, and are here to share social commerce examples. Social media has moved from a place where people share content with their friends to a place where brands are building a promising and powerful position. The next step in the progression is social commerce marketing. This is where brands are now selling their products on and through social media to their growing audiences.

Over the next few years the list of examples of social commerce will inevitably increase, with social commerce sales expected to grow to $80bn by 2025.

The social media platforms themselves are enabling this, supporting brands by setting up ways consumers can buy brand’s products without leaving the app. Essentially, setting up their own marketplaces. This is what social commerce is in a nutshell: people buying products on the social app itself—this post is a list of the best social commerce examples or in other words social shopping examples, enabled by this.

Types of social commerce

Before launching into these social ecommerce examples, it’s best to first gather an understanding of the different types of social commerce out there.

Essentially every social media has some form of social commerce tool available to brands. Before designing a strategy to leverage in-platform selling tools, it’s best to gain an understanding of who offers what.

Facebook Shops

You can set up free Facebook Shops which are on Facebook business profiles. Facebook Shops include inventory syncing or uploading tools and automatically feature products for users based on their preferences. Users can complete purchases within the app or on the seller’s website.

Facebook Live Shopping

Introduced in 2021, Live Shopping Fridays lets Facebook users see products in action, ask questions and make purchases all in real time. This will help build relationships between brand and audience.

Instagram shoppable posts

Instagram’s shoppable posts are linked to a Facebook Shop account. Sales are completed either in-app or on the brand’s website.

Pinterest product Pins

Pinterest’s product Pins are expected to account for 15.7% of all US social buyers by 2023. Unlike typical pins, product Pins provide space for price and availability details and redirect to product landing pages. If your brand uses Shopify, it’s easy to add your Shopify product catalogue to your Pinterest business page.

Twitter Shop Module

Also launched in 2021, the Twitter Shop Module allows select brands to showcase products at the top of Twitter business profiles. Users can scroll through a carousel of products on a brand’s profile, and tap on individual products to read more and purchase without leaving the platform.

TikTok Shopping

TikTok recently began testing TikTok Shopping, through an expanded partnership with Shopify. The feature will help merchants tap into the platforms’ organic, short-form video content to encourage product discovery and sales.

Social commerce examples

Our top 5 social commerce examples:

Zimba on Facebook Shops

First on our list of social commerce examples is teeth-whitening brand Zimba who use Shopify to power its online store. In the summer of 2020 they used bright colours and bold lettering to

stand out on Facebook and maintain consistent branding. They saw 1.200 incremental orders from Facebook Shops and their average order value increased by 6.7%.

Clinique on Facebook Live

Clinique is the first use of Live to feature on this list of social commerce examples. Clinique goes live every Friday at 12pm to fully leverage the potential of Live Shopping. These videos usually feature tutorials on all things skin related.

MeUndies on Instagram

Fully maximising the potential of shoppable posts, MeUndies is packing a punch when it comes to social commerce examples. Instagram shoppable posts let you strategically place dots on a post on products. By tapping the dots, a shoppable link pops up for an easy consumer journey. MeUndies are a great example because they don’t overburden their posts with shoppable links—striking a great balance between shopping ease and engaging imagery.

Harlem Candle company on Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to easily click from Pin to purchase. Pins can be uploaded as a Rich Pin which carries more data than a usual pin or pulled from catalogues which can be used for paid ads.

Best Buy on Twitter

Twitter doesn’t yet have in-app shopping capabilities – these are pending. However, brands using twitter still belong on this list of the best social commerce examples. Best Buy use twitter for social commerce effectively by integrating clear calls to action like “Pick yours up today”, to encourage social visitors to click through to regular commerce sites.


What are the examples of social commerce?

The best in class examples of social commerce we’ve pulled out are Best Buy, Harlem Candle, MeUndies, Clinique and Zimba.

How will social commerce influence businesses?

Greatly – social media platforms are integrating commerce capabilities into their apps and are encouraging brands to leverage them fully. Social commerce sales are expected to rise rapidly year on year. Consumers love it too as they needn’t leave the app in order to purchase the products they see on social media, streamlining the whole process.

What can social commerce be used for?

Everything. Whether your company is B2B, B2C, a product or a service, there’s an audience for your brand on social. Therefore there’s an opportunity for your brand to sell on social. Also, so many brands are already using it, you’ll be able to find some social commerce examples for your brand out there. With the help of a social commerce marketing agency, they can aid you to tailor your social commerce strategy to suit your audience and market.

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