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October 4th, 2018 by

It was the same last year with the colour of the dress….Everyone has an opinion on it, was it blue, was it white?! Well if the whole world hasn’t erupted since Instagram copied the S%*T out of Snapchat and called it their own, we wanted to discuss the situation. Did they copy? Of course they DID!


Where do you post? Do you just copy your Snapchats and upload them to your Instagram story? Isn’t it all a bit cringe? For us, you feel like you’re cheating on Snapchat if you decide to click the record button and post directly to Instagram, or if you download a Snap and upload it directly to Instagram…you could throw up right? You want the whole world to swallow you up, as you’ve been caught doing something you shouldn’t….right? There’s so much choice and where should you give your attention?

Snapchat was the home of the disappearing story, where you could showcase silly moments, pout with dog ears on your head and generally be a fool…and NOBODY would judge you. Instagram was home to your clean cut, edited to high heaven pictures, with filters and boarders…you feel like you could photograph anything, stick a filter on it, watch the likes roll in and feel like an Award-Winning Photographer.

The thing is, Snapchat is seen for the younger generations, as the older people steered clear, they found it too confusing to use….so many buttons, so many ways to share the content…should I add this to my story? How do I send it to just one person? The older generations tended to stray towards Facebook and Instagram, those two were their go to platforms. Easy to use, simple to share and clear labelling for the old folk 😉

One massive bonus for Snapchat is they WIN, WIN, WIN on filters. Instagram can’t compete with the filter force of Snapchat, they are the gift that keeps on giving. Scroll through 1000 profiles on Twitter and most of the profile photos will feature those dog ears!!!!

On the plus side for Instagram Stories, is the fact you can see anyone’s story…you don’t even have to have them as a friend or even be registered on the platform. Be careful, you can’t share those late night videos on nights out, or the things you get up to on holiday on Instagram….your boss might see what you’re up to and check in. Keep that content for the privacy of Snapchat 😉

Let’s see how this one develops as it’s an interesting time in the world of social media….especially on the Snapchat and Instagram front, let’s see what Round 2 brings, when Snapchat hit back! Maybe they’ll extend the video time to 14 seconds, just to piss Instagram off.

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