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Snapchat is one of the world’s leading social media platforms. With over 229 million daily active users on the app, it is safe to say that Snapchat is an essential marketing tool for several brands. Snapchat is the perfect platform for businesses that are targeting the Gen Z population, as over 70% of Snapchat users are teenagers. Snapchat is still useful for brands that are targeting audiences older than the Gen Z population, as the app has evolved from sharing images and videos with friends to becoming an effective social media marketing strategy. 

Snapchat is the pioneer for storytelling features, with some of the most popular apps such as Instagram and TikTok incorporating these features into their own platforms. Although Snapchat’s main attributes are used by many other apps, brands still choose to use Snapchat for marketing purposes seeing as the site boasts a number of attributes distinctive to the platform. 

If you are new to Snapchat, it might be overwhelming to come up with an impactful Snapchat marketing strategy. We have created a guide to using Snapchat for business, which is guaranteed to increase conversions and boost brand awareness.

A guide to Snapchat for business

Promote your Snapchat on other channels 

It is essential that you inform your existing followers on other social media platforms about your Snapchat account. This is especially helpful if you are just starting out on Snapchat, seeing as no one will be aware of your presence on the app unless you tell them. You can promote your Snapchat account on any channel. For example, including your Snapchat username in the description box of your YouTube channel, or in your Insta bio are great ways to transfer your followers to Snapchat. It is also a no-brainer to promote your Snapchat for business on sites where you have large followings. One way to get users of other platforms interested in your Snapchat is to make new and engaging content. 

Create filters and lenses 

Snapchat is renowned for being the creator of wacky and fun filters. Most social media users are familiar with the app’s trademark Lenses, as they have been borrowed by other channels such as Instagram. Creating interactive Snapchat filters is a great investment for your brand as it creates a buzz around your products and services. For example, Taco Bell produced their own filter which received over 224 million views, which ultimately generated mass exposure for the fast food chain and was an effective way to utilise Snapchat for business. 

Organise account takeovers with influencers 

Snapchat influencers are impactful for brands in terms of increasing visibility and driving traffic to websites. Partnering with influencers with a strong presence on Snapchat is likely to attract a large number of people. Influencers are also more likely to drive traffic to your page as they are known for having a strong network of loyal followers. Allowing Snapchat influencers to takeover your account essentially exposes your brand to wider audiences. However, it is important that you find influencers that align with your brand’s values. In this way, you are more likely to attract audiences that genuinely enjoy your brand’s products and services. 

Communicate with your followers 

Interacting with your followers is one of the best strategies to use for Snapchat for business. This is because the majority of social media users expect brands to communicate with them. Snapchat is unlike any other social media platform in the sense that messaging is completely private on the app. Conversing with your followers on social channels such as Twitter and Instagram is usually always public. Therefore, responding to customer queries on Snapchat shows that you truly value your audience.

Final thoughts

There are several ways to promote brand awareness and increase product sales on Snapchat, especially if Gen Z is your desired audience. Snapchat is used by brands to help drive traffic to their websites and increase conversion rates, which ultimately helps brands to grow their businesses. When thinking about Snapchat for business, make sure that you understand your audience’s needs before implementing a Snapchat marketing strategy.

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