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Snapchat is great, we love it and so do our influencers. Snapchat is now over four years old and is the perfect example of a social network scaling, becoming popular and now the dreaded “ad revenue” push seems to be happening…and it’s happening HARD!

It’s being reported, that Snapchat will introduce Ad’s in between your friends stories. The Ad’s will be skippable and won’t be inserted directly into stories, but will occasionally appear, full screen, with the sound on, when you go through your friends stories. There will be additional features to the Ad’s, so for example, when someone swipes up, they get sent to a longer form video, a website or article – without leaving Snapchat.

It’s quite a change, it will be interesting to see how often the Ad’s appear within stories, the actual engagement and ROI for the brands investing. I know when an Ad appears on my screen, I want to get rid of it, not actively engage – it reminds me of mobile games, where Ad’s would appear between levels, ruining your daily mobile game GRIND! Instead Snapchat are ruining your daily stalking!

It’ll also be interesting to see how the Ad’s are designed for Snapchat and whether they’ll fit within the app – we all know how well the discovery section has been doing. Going from watching your best friend on a night out to be sold the next Disney film? Will it work? Let’s see what happens.

Attention from prospective audiences is harder to obtain than ever, people don’t like to be sold to, so I can see people waiting of the skip button to appear and bashing it harder than ever before and skipping through their friends content by accident!

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