What is Snap Spotlight And its Features ?

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Snap Inc. released its answer to the TikTok craze in November 2020 with Snap Spotlight. The new short-form video feature was launched with the intention of encouraging users to share funny, meme-y content as opposed to the vlog-style content users were previously using the platform for. 

Spotlight on Snapchat can be found on the furthest right button of Snapchat’s menu bar. Snapchat Spotlights can be up to 60 seconds long. Similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels, Snap Spotlight has an algorithm that shows users content it thinks they will want to see. The algorithm is based on what users have previously watched and the time spent watching them.


Snapchat Spotlight Features - snap spotlight

Snap Spotlight differentiates itself from competitors by not including a comment feature and having all profiles private by default. Users create a separate Snap Spotlight profile so their personal Snapchat profiles stay private. By not including a comment section, Snapchat is protecting Snapchat influencers from vicious attacks and hate comments.

Snapchat Spotlight Features

As with any platform feature, Snap Spotlight has its own features and tools unique to the platform. These Snap Spotlight features can help creators earn money and create high-quality viral content.

Snap Spotlight Creative Kit

Snap Spotlight introduced the Creative Kit to help developers integrate their apps into Snapchat’s Spotlight feed. This means users can create content with another application’s creative tools and publish it to their Snap Spotlight feeds. 

Current Creator Kit partner apps include Splice, Voicey, Lightricts and Powder. 

The Creative Kit allows creators to have access to professional creative tools that can boost their reach and engagement. Trending Snap Spotlights often come from creators that have made full use of the Creative Kit.

Snap Spotlight Creator Fund

When Snapchat Spotlight first launched, Snap Inc. announced it would be distributing up to $1 million a day to users with the most popular Spotlight videos. The fund would be given to any creator with a viral Spotlight, meaning anyone could be in with a chance of earning a hefty payout. 

With the chance of earning real money for creating content, Snap Inc. gave Spotlight creators a real incentive to create content and get the feature filled with high quality content. 

 Snap Spotlight Hashtags 

Snapchat Spotlight influencers can add hashtags to their Spotlight videos to increase their reach. Using hashtags helps the Snap Spotlight algorithm identify the type of content it will show to users.

Popular Spotlight hashtags include: 

How to use Spotlight on Snapchat

There are a few different ways you can create Snapchat Spotlights content. We’ve created a step-by-step guide for the different methods.

Create a Spotlight Public Profile

Snap Spotlight profiles are separate to private Snapchat accounts. 

To create your own Spotlight Public Profile, click your profile setting in the top left corner.

Create a Spotlight Public Profile - Snap Spotlight

Then, press “Build a following on Spotlight” or “Create Public Profile”.

Create Public Profile

Click “Get Started” and then “Create”.

How to Create a Spotlight Snap

With Snapchat open, you can record a snapchat from the camera screen.

You can also upload video from your camera roll but they must be vertical, have an aspect ratio of at least 3:4, have a minimum horizontal resolution of 640px and fill the frame.

How to Upload a Spotlight Snap

Create or upload your own Snap as mentioned above. 

Tap the send icon at the bottom right of the screen.

How to Upload a Spotlight Snap

Choose “Spotlight” at the top of the “Send to” screen.

Add any relevant hashtags to the #AddTopic section.

Send your Snap Spotlight.

Snap Spotlight Content Examples

A popular content category on Snap Spotlight is stunts. Users regularly go viral for posting incredible stunts and tricks.

incredible stunts and tricks content category

Similar to TikTok, aesthetic content and tutorials thrive on Spotlight. This type of content is easy to make and digest.

aesthetic content and tutorials thrive on Spotlight

Using Snapchat for Business has been popular for filters and geotags. Technically, Spotlight is only available to creators. However, some independent brands have begun using Spotlight to display theirs products and showcase their abilities.

 Spotlight to display theirs products and showcase their abilities

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