How to Schedule Instagram Posts: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

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Learning to auto schedule Instagram posts is a great way to save yourself time when creating content. Consistent and high-quality content is easier to ideate, create and share when a load of the work is assisted by automation. Using different tools to pre schedule Instagram posts gives you more time to focus on your greater goals. 

Can you schedule Instagram posts?

Instagram allows users to schedule Instagram posts. Users can schedule Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Carousels and IGTVs.

Different scheduling tools are recommended for each post. Instagram feed posts (including Carousels) can be posted using either Hootsuite or Creator Studio. Instagram Stories can be scheduled using Hootsuite. IGTVs can be scheduled using Creator Studio. 

Why you should Schedule Instagram Posts

Time is money. You can save valuable time by finding a way to schedule Instagram posts. Instead of spending everyday scouring through branded images, you can create a content calendar and pre schedule Instagram posts. This may initially take more time, but it saves you hours in the long run. 

With your saved time you can consider a hashtag strategy, compelling captions or analyse past post performance to see the types of posts you should schedule in future. 

How to schedule Instagram posts for Business accounts

Step 1: Make your account a Business profile

The first step is to ensure you have a business profile. To do so:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Account
  3. Tap Switch to Professional Account
  4. Select Business
  5. Connect your Facebook business page to Hootsuite. Even if you aren’t planning to post on Facebook, doing this will give you access to the useful business features including analytics, ads, and scheduling.
  6. Add your business’s public contact information
  7. Tap Done.

Step 2: Create and curate your Instagram content

If you are creating your own content for Instagram, it’s a good idea to have set content creation days. This could involve a shoot day or a day designing graphic content, but you will make most of your upcoming content on a single day. Thinking ahead will give your Instagram feed more flow and will let you see if you’re providing your audience with enough content variety. 

Step 3: Add your Instagram business profile to your chosen social media management platform

We’ll be using Hootsuite as an example for the social media management platform. 

  1. Click your profile picture
  2. Select “Social Networks and Teams”
  3. Click “+ Private Network”
  4. Select Instagram and click “Connect with Instagram”
  5. Confirm your account details

Add your Instagram business profile to your chosen social media management platform - schedule instagram post

Step 4: Find the best time to post on Instagram

Finding the best time to post on Instagram will help you navigate Instagram’s algorithm. You want to schedule Instagram posts for when your audience is online. 

Check out your previous posts to see which performed the best, and look at your Instagram analytics to see when your followers are most active. This is the best time to schedule Instagram posts for. 

Step 5: Compose your Instagram post in your chosen social media management platform

In the Hootsuite dashboard, click “Create”, then “Post.”

In the Post To section, choose your Business Instagram account.

Upload your content visuals, write an engaging caption, add hashtags and location and tag relevant accounts.

Step 6: Schedule your content

Click “Schedule” in the bottom right corner and then select the date and time you want to schedule Instagram posts to go live. You can still edit your posts once you have scheduled them.

Schedule your content - schedule instagram post


Does Instagram allow scheduled posts?

Instagram does allow users to pre schedule Instagram posts. You can schedule Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Carousels and IGTVs. 

Can you schedule an Instagram post 2021?

Yes. You can schedule an Instagram post for your feed through Hootsuite or Creator Studio.

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