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Social media marketing is one of the most influential forms of marketing nowadays. Brands from all over the world use social media to speak directly to their audiences and push their key messages and campaigns. Due to the accessibility of social media, it is incredibly easy for brands to create an online presence. However, as a result of this, it is harder for brands to cut through the static of competitor messaging and gain the attention they desire. This is no different for the soft and cream cheese market in the Middle East. 

Millennials are the key drivers for soft cheese sales, with a specific demand for low fat, high protein products. Leading market players have focused heavily on targeting this demographic with their social media and influencer efforts. We’ve taken a look at how three soft cheese brands are targeting their audiences in the Middle East. 

Philadelphia Arabia 

Philly Arabia predominantly uses social media to share various recipes using the cheese. It emphasises the versatility of the product and how easy it is to create different dishes. On Instagram, they provide recipes for desserts to healthy lunches to Ramadan dishes. The brand does not frequently utilise influencers in its social media marketing, apart from in its #UnwindWithPhilly campaign, where it worked with Hind Beljafla and Nojoud Alrumaihi. 



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Philadelphia Arabia’s most popular social media account is its YouTube, with nearly 12K subscribers. Its content features quick, 30 second video tutorials. The recipes are the same as the ones on instagram, but more in-depth. The account provides an Arabic version and English version of each recipe. 

Philadelphia Arabia

Philadelphia Arabia has regular engagement from its audience, with comments, likes and an abundance of user generated content in its tagged photos. It has positioned itself as an easy, quick luxurious product.

Puck Arabia

Puck uses two hashtags across its continent to help build a community #شيف_كل_يوم  and #خليها_أطيب which translate to #MakeItMyBest and #EverydayChef. As well as using polls and hashtags to engage its community, Puck encourages interaction by reposting user generated content on its stories and highlights. 

Puck Arabia uses its YouTube channel to share recipes every month. As with its Instagram it focuses on easy, family friendly content. Puck also uses its YouTube to launch campaigns such as its ‘Moms Can’ campaign, which was all about mothers who “turn can’t into can everyday”.

 Puck Arabia

Puck has positioned itself as a family-favourite, chef-staple. 

Kiri Arabia

Kiri Arabia is active on Instagram, especially around key events in the year, such as Ramadan and ‘Back to School’. Kiri recently used a range of influencers to support the launch of Greek Style Kiri, leveraging various passion points, including family, lifestyle and health and fitness. Previous influencer partnerships include Shahad Ballan and Carine Aboud. 


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Alongside influencer activity, Kiri uses two hashtags to engage with its community: #ThisCallsForKiri and #IrresistibleTaste. It uses these hashtags to promote its new recipes, and to encourage user generated content.  

Kiri Arabia

Kiri’s YouTube content consists of regular meal tutorials. Similar to Philadelphia, these are available in Arabic and English. The recipes and how-tos are generally of quick and healthy, family friendly meals. Kiri has positioned itself as a healthy, 5-minute-meal ingredient. 

Key Takeouts

Although all the above brands have the same goal and target audience, they each have a different social media marketing strategy and position themselves uniquely. While there is a shared focus on recipe sharing, each brand focuses on a different passion point and uses different social media strategies. For example, Kiri Arabia has a narrow scope for the type of content created, but uses influencer marketing more than the other two brands. It uses fitness and cooking influencers to connect with new audiences, but doesn’t change the type of content it creates. 

To encourage the most audience interest available, we recommend that these brands begin utilising all features Instagram has available (IGVT, Reels, stories and carousels). The variety of content will engage and entice social media users to interact and view the brand as a reliable source of information. In addition, it provides the brand with more creative liberties and opportunities to portray its messaging. 

Influencer marketing is one of the most influential methods of marketing available and will only continue to grow in popularity. Philadelphia and Puck should start using different types of influencers to access more passion points of social media users. By combining different influencers and different types of content, they can boost their awareness in the Middle East and dominate the online space. 

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