Most Active Brands in Influencer Marketing: September 2020

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Since it’s become a part of most people’s lives in many ways it makes sense that social media has become the most modern form of advertising. 

For some brands, influencer marketing platforms are used as a one-off campaign strategy. For others, it’s a continuous sales routine that drives most of their sales. 

Each month, we analyse and organise data from our in-house influencer marketing agency to see which brands are most active when it comes to influencer marketing services. We think it’s important to break down these results since social media can sometimes be nothing but smoke and mirrors when it comes to the word ‘success’.

We correlate data on which brands had the most active hashtags, mentions and organic engagements, so our results are always authentic and accurate. As social media advertising spend is on the rise, influencer marketing platforms have transitioned into pretty muddy waters. In 2019, Canada and the US wasted as much as $255 million of the $1.4 billion spent on Instagram influencer marketing on accounts with fake followers. 

In the UK alone, ad watchdogs have also cautioned around 300 social media influencers for breaking the rules when it comes to paid advertising for posts on Instagram. This hasn’t slowed down the demand for influencer marketing services, however, by 2020 influencer marketing is set to grow from a $5-10 billion dollar industry. 

For the month of September, spending on influencer marketing services definitely didn’t see any resistance even though the world economy is still trying to get back on its feet. Social media spending if anything boomed because of the pandemic, and many brands quickly put in place social strategies to boost sales. Influencer Marketing Hub reported that 49% of people worldwide are shopping online now more than before the pandemic.

So, without further ado, here are the most active brands in influencer marketing for September 2020:

1. @Fabletics

Another exercise-centred brand that was active in the influencer marketing scheme this month is Fabletics. Using the surge of home-fitness regimes as well, Fabletics also formed a strong relationship with fitness-savvy influencers to wear their workout gear while going live or posting fitness content to their audience. With over 1M followers, the activewear brand for women (founded by Kate Hudson), fuses fashion with fitness… which performs particularly well under their tag #MyFabletics – so anyone who owns their workout wear can get involved with the community. Not only do they engage their audience with visually appealing and relatable content, they also post regular giveaways and have a designated set of brand ambassadors like @musingsofacurvylady (87.2K followers) that do Instagram takeovers to share workout routines.



With a high engagement rate of 0.53 per cent, Idealofsweden is still capitalising on influencer marketing services when it comes to social media content strategies. The brand uses a ‘word of mouth’ influencer marketing technique, and micro-influencers like @elisabethats (3,034 followers) that allows any customer to be a part – the only condition is that all orders from an influencers discount code have to be placed directly on their website (which is smart when thinking of driving up conversion). The lifestyle brand posts at least grid posts a day to keep their 785K followers engaged, and uses affiliates and discount code schemes to emphasize their speciality in digital ‘word of mouth’ selling.



Lastly, Bangenergy continuously uses influencer content to promote its energy drinks to #FuelYourDestiny. Targeting influencers or athletes like @colbycovmma (582K followers) who dedicate their pages to intense workout regimes, the energy drink brand inserts pays to insert itself into their content, and is promoted to their audience who know that the influencer drinking the beverage is an ‘expert in fitness’. Their grid features an array of influencer content to their +1M followers, that ranges from workout routines to drink recipes. They also engage their audience with discount code schemes, Instagram takeovers and an active TikTok page.


4. @Boohoomanofficial 

After their BoohooMAN grammy event and launching its first video game which is available to play inside the BooHooMAN app, the brand hasn’t slowed down when it comes to social media marketing. BoohooMAN continues to see success when it comes to utilising its own network of fashion influencers as well, with a steady 1.2M followers and 0.28 per cent engagement rate. When it comes to influencers, the brand gets lots of traction with its #boohooman tag, that features a range of micro and macro-influencers like @HarryJowsey (3.8 million followers) and @Carlosdharrisjr (112K followers), who have been sent the latest styles from Boohoo to make sponsored content with. This works well for the brand because it shows that their clothing is both likeable and wearable to the influencer’s audience.


5. @PrettyLittleThing

One of Boohoo’s biggest competitors, PrettyLittleThing also makes the list of the top ten most active brands in influencer marketing this month. With over 12M followers and a 0.43% engagement rate, PrettyLittleThing sees lots of success with its brand ambassadors, fashion and beauty influencers like @MollyMaeHague (4.8M followers) and @Mariipvzz (456K followers), not to mention its #StayHomeWithPLT hashtag that saw huge success during the lockdown by posting daily recipes, DJ sets and workout sessions to its followers. PrettyLittleThing does capsule collections with its ambassadors to create hype around their products, and appeal to the influencers audience. PLT also gifts its capsules to other influencers within the same network, (like other LoveIsland cast members…) to create a sense of community amongst the brand, so it can appear on many different feeds.


6. @Wholefoods 

Wholefoods basis their entire social media strategy around customer engagement, to grow stronger customer relations. By making ‘your health’ their top priority, Wholefoods has succeeded in local and national social media initiatives like starting a Twitter mainly for its recipes and using their hashtag #MakeMeWhole to engage with their audience on Instagram who have made one of their recipes. Not to mention that Wholefoods has guest influencer-chefs like @sophia_roe (252K followers) do step-by-step recipe videos for their Instagram. In the last month, WholeFoods saw an 8.3% rise in gaining (which makes sense since lots of us are trying to #eatclean after lockdown). Wholefoods also use their social media channels to share their own data trends, which is engaging for their audience and makes them feel as though Wholefoods is more of a lifestyle than a retailer.


7. @Wellsfargo 

With a high engagement rate of 0.89 per cent, the bank launched a #WellsFargoFoodBank #HungerActionMonth campaign in partnership with @FeedingAmerica to help provide meals through their mobile distribution centres to help others during these testing times. The authentic and relevant initiative performed well across social media accounts throughout the US and proved that social media community management can be a tool to provide both advocacy and brand awareness. Anyone who was interested in helping could get involved, and become an influencer of advocacy.


8. @Sheinofficial 

The female clothing brand continues to dominate when it comes to influencer marketing with their catchy #SHEINgals hashtag that showcases through sponsored posting, their trend-based clothing on an array of micro and macro-influencers. With over 13M followers, the label engages their followers by featuring them on their social media channels and represents all types of body sizes. Most recently, the label launched their #SHEINPREMIUM hashtag, purely for featuring micro and macro-influencers like @caitlinnmazza (26.3K followers) in their new, higher-end line. The label also frequently does giveaways and pop up sales, which keeps their followers engaged and eager to view their Instagram.


9.@Sweetsweat by @Sportsresearch 

To coincide with the home-fitness boom, Sweetsweat saw major social media turnover when it comes to followers and engagement, since April 2020. The gym-therapy company, Sportsresearch, started Sweetsweat, workout enhancement equipment specialize in home fitness at the right place and right time. The #SweetSquad tag features a range of micro and macro influencers using the equipment in their own personalised workout routines, organically showcasing the products to their audiences. The concept behind their influencer campaign was to not limit home-fitness to one audience, but let it branch out, using influencers with a micro following, like @thatonechickzanie (11.8K) and who already have a loyal audience.


10. @GogoSqueez 

The baby food GoGo squeeZ uses influencer marketing tools to share recipes and crafts to their followers and to reach new like-minded audiences. Targeting the mommy-crowd of content creators, the food label sent their product to specific mommy bloggers like @arielctyson (236K followers) to utilize sponsored content to generate new sales. The food label specialises in content on their own account that fits into their target audience’s busy, real lives – this includes TikTok craft ideas for kids, template activities for kids through Instagram stories and raw discussions about parenting with their #raisingtinyhumans tag.



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