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There are multiple case studies floating around the internet to prove that influencer marketing is an effective strategy to grow your business, however, not every brand has six figures to shell out on a post from a mega influencer, and that’s okay! If you can relate to this, you’re in luck…

The dawn of the micro influencer is upon us and with their share of the marketing industry growing from 89% in 2020, to 91% in 2021, they are here to stay. 

Micro Influencers on Instagram: the low-down

Influencers have the power to win the hearts – and wallets – of the users who engage with their social media profiles. However, 9 times out of 10, this power can only be yielded if the influencer has a close relationship with their audience. A close relationship equals more trust, and more trust equals a higher chance of a follower reaching into their pocket. Micro influencers are experts at building and maintaining these relationships, due to their modest following of 1k-100k allowing them to interact with everyone on a personal level. Micro influencers on Instagram, in particular, have mastered this art.

According to a report by Mention, 45.6% of the billion users on the platform have between 1 and 100k followers, meaning that there are currently 456 million micro influencers on Instagram to choose from. We don’t want to hear anyone complaining about not being able to find an influencer to partner with, ever again.

What’s in it for you?

But despite the sheer number of them and their ability to form close connections with their followers, why else should brands partner with micro influencers on Instagram?

They have smaller, more targeted audiences 

Influencers with well over a million followers can be beneficial to your wider goals – ie, increasing reach – but when all of these people have different interests, it can be tricky to create content that appeals to everyone. 

Micro influencers only create content on the subject they are passionate about. They spend a lot of time building their presence and perfecting their content to create a community as invested as they are in the subject as they are. Once their following is built up, it won’t matter if the influencer isn’t a household name, as their followers will be appreciative of their informative content, regardless. 

They’re more authentic 

In a world where fiction is no longer distinguishable from fact, authenticity is the key to influencer marketing success. How many times have you seen mega influencers on Instagram, like the Kardashians, endorse diet teas and believe that they actually use them to lose weight? In reality they have a team of 5-6 people keeping them in shape at all times, making their followers’ scepticism completely valid. 

Unlike these mega influencers, micro influencers on Instagram don’t have the teams of people behind-the-scenes looking after them, meaning what you see them promote/recommend is almost always going to be something they regularly use and genuinely like. This authenticity also stems from the way in which micro influencers treat their followers like friends. You wouldn’t be dishonest to a friend, so why would micro influencers be dishonest to a follower? 

They don’t play hard to get

Almost all micro influencers on Instagram ‘started from the bottom’. Oftentimes, they wear their heart on their sleeve when it comes to their appreciation for the followers who, one-by-one, have added to their growing fanbase. This appreciation can be shown through giveaways and shout outs, but the most common way is through the influencer continuing to create content that they know will resonate with their audience and not deviating from the subject of shared interest.

If you have a micro influencer on Instagram who you admire, try getting in touch to show some love! 

They are more cost effective

Who doesn’t want to save money?! 

On average, micro influencers on Instagram will typically cost between $75 – $250 for one post, as opposed to their mega influencer counterparts who can charge anywhere upwards of $1000. 

If you are a brand who is just starting out with influencer marketing, consider partnering with a micro influencer, as they are usually more willing to work with lesser known brands if they feel it benefits their audience. 

They have a higher engagement rate

For all there is to know about influencer engagement rates, check out our engagement rates blog

Micro influencers on Instagram have an average engagement rate of 3.86%, with those possessing follower counts of 1k-5k having a rate of 5.6%. As we know, the higher the engagement rate, the more conversions your influencer is able to drive and the more chance there is for an increase in ROI. 

The frequency and quality of the interactions micro influencers have with their followers forms a solid basis of trust and makes it less uncomfortable to have those “buying conversations” later on. 

They have a higher engagement rate

Top micro influencers on Instagram

To give you a headstart, we have compiled an ‘Instagram Micro Influencers’ list to introduce you to some of the platform’s hottest influencers right now.

Micro fashion influencers

Liza Chloe – @lizachloe – 63.3k followers

Savina Chow – @savinachow – 96.4k followers

Ellie Louise Coker – @ellielouisecoker – 24.4k followers

Lauren Caruso – @laurencaruso_ – 55.5k followers

Alli Schapel – @blackarrowblog – 35.7k followers

Lifestyle micro influencers

Gabriela Milian – @thegabrielamilian – 41.k followers

Christa Lei – @supchrista – 4.8k followers

George Arvanitidis  – @george_arvanitidis – 16k f

Chloe Gil – @fancyinthefoothills – 10.8k followers

Brianna Amendola – @balancingwithbri – 6.9k followers

Micro influencers on Instagram: round up

By the end of 2022 we are expected to see the dominance of micro influencers on social media platforms, so it would be wise to jump on the bandwagon of influencer marketing sooner rather than later. You don’t have to dive in head first by partnering with a mega influencer and splashing thousands of £££s on your first campaign. Instead, take advantage of the power that micro influencers on instagram have within their niche, little following and you just might end up being added to the list of successful case studies out there.


How do you find micro influencers on Instagram?

  1. Utilise instagram hashtags
  2. Look at your brand’s list of followers
  3. Look at your prospective influencer’s following list
  4. Use influencer marketing search tools

What is a macro influencer on Instagram?

A macro influencer typically has 500,000 – 1 million followers

What do micro influencers do?

Micro influencers on Instagram help to promote your brand’s products/services to their small, but engaged audience. 

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