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It’s no secret that the social media-sphere is bursting at the seams with aspiring influencers across a range of niches. From fashion to food and beauty to business, we can assure you there’s no shortage of influencers to choose from. 

Knowing where to find them, however, is the real challenge. 

Manchester influencers have been making a name for themselves in recent years. With the city becoming increasingly media-driven, influencers here are not short of resources – and stunning scenery – to help capture their content for socials. 

To the brands out there looking to leverage Manchester-based influencers, we’ve got you covered. We’ll run through the most highly sought after influencers in Manchester.

Best practices for partnering with influencers

So, you’ve found a Manchester-based influencer you wish to work with. But what now?

The initial steps taken – from introducing yourself to your work proposition – are crucial if you want to secure certain creators. 

While we will run you through our top tips for reaching out to influencers, you can find more information in our How to Use Influencer Marketing blog.

1) Assure them that you will do the heavy lifting

By assuring your influencer that you will do all the heavy lifting, you’re essentially letting them know that their time commitment will be minimal; without hindering the level of exposure they will gain from partnering with you. Manchester influencers tend to work on multiple jobs at once, so offering them work that won’t eat into other project time is key.

2) Hold small, engaging events to build relationships

After all, a long-term relationship is what you are aiming to nurture with your chosen Manchester influencers. Influencers receive hundreds of emails and DMs every single day. By inviting them to an event, you are guaranteed their undivided attention and can physically make yourself known to them.

3) Follow influencers and interact with their content first

The authenticity must go both ways. They must be deemed authentic by you, and you by them. You can prove this by following them on social media and interacting with content of theirs you find interesting. Jumping straight into their DMs with a sales pitch is almost guaranteed to put them off. 

4) Keep initial pitches short and sweet

The goal isn’t to overwhelm them with lots of information at once. By keeping your initial pitch short, simple and, most importantly, transparent, you can spark their interest. If you have chosen a micro influencer, you can get away with sliding into their DMs with your pitch. However, for bigger Manchester influencers, check their socials to see if they are represented by a management team that you can reach out to.

5) Do a deep dive through their social media to understand their passions

Influencer outreach is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each message you send out must be tailored to the individual. Do a scan of their social media profile to understand what they are passionate about and use these passions as talking points in your initial message to them.

Influencers from Manchester

Manchester fashion influencers

1) Molly Mae Hague

Manchester-based influencer, Molly-Mae, has fast become a household name. Donned as “more than just an influencer”, Molly-Mae’s appearance on Love Island has paved the way for her new role as Creative Director for PrettyLittleThing and founder of the fake tan brand, Filter. 

Boasting an impressive 6.8M followers on Instagram alone, Molly-Mae is considered a mega influencer in marketing terms and so collaborations will typically be reserved for the brands with larger budgets. 


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A post shared by Molly-Mae Hague (@mollymae)

2) Lauren Cokguler

Manchester-based influencer Lauren falls within the fashion marketing realm. Her #outfitinspo and #minimaloutfit posts, paired with a neutral Instagram feed aesthetic, make her a go-to for many fashion-lovers. 


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A post shared by Lauren Çokgüler (@lauren.cokguler)

3) Onyi Moss

Onyi is a vintage-fashion-brand’s dream collaboration. With 163K followers and an average engagement rate of 3.20%, she is one of the most sought after Manchester influencers

Onyi is the perfect example of collaborating with influencers whose niche is related to your brand’s, so make sure you have a foot in the door of vintage fashion if you wish to reach out!


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A post shared by Onyi Moss (@mossonyi)

Manchester beauty influencers

1) Amelia Olivia

Amelia’s beauty influencer journey began on TikTok, where she now has an impressive 1.2M followers. Known for her pink blush and flawless skin, she has gone on to collaborate with leading brands such as The Beauty Crop and Made by Mitchell. 

As far as rising Manchester influencers go, Amelia is certainly one to look out for!


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A post shared by Amelia Olivia 🤍 (@amelia0livia)

2) Mitchell Halliday

Our list of Manchester influencers in beauty would not be complete without Mitchell. His brand Made by Mitchell has taken TikTok shop by storm and now has 278K followers; with his own personal Instagram account sitting at 1.1M. 

Despite his mega influencer status, Mitchell devotes his time to supporting small businesses and giving aspiring beauty influencers a foot-in-the-door by inviting them to join his live streams and collaborating with them on Made by Mitchell bundles. 


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A post shared by mitchell (@mmmmitchell)

3) Muskaan

Better known as missmoosegoose on TikTok, Muskaan has an impressive 33K followers. Her beauty reviews and first impressions are essential to any aspiring makeup artist. Her micro influencer status gives her a noteworthy engagement rate; making her a dream collaboration for any beauty brand!

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