LinkedIn Analytics: The Complete Guide for Marketers

February 10th, 2022 by

If your business is active on LinkedIn, then part of your strategy needs to be understanding how to track and analyse LinkedIn analytics. Utilising LinkedIn analytics is critical to anyone who is looking to grow their page and connections. Tracking your LinkedIn analytics will help you assess what works and what doesn’t. This will help you make better informed decisions as to how to develop your LinkedIn marketing strategy and plan future action, ensuring all efforts are continuously optimised. 

To help you out on your journey to understanding LinkedIn analytics clearly, we have broken this blog into three parts: 

  1. LinkedIn analytics for a company page.
  2. LinkedIn analytics for each post.
  3. LinkedIn analytics for personal pages.

LinkedIn Page Analytics

To find your LinkedIn analytics for your company page, open the LinkedIn company page you manage (you must be an admin). There, you will be able to view and access the LinkedIn analytics dashboard and see your page analytics. There are five key types of LinkedIn analytics you need to monitor. 

Update analytics

These LinkedIn analytics look to show how effective your post updates are. By keeping an eye on your update analytics, you can spot trends or patterns when it comes to the type of content you’re posting and when. Which kind of posts or LinkedIn hashtags do your followers engage with? This is the metric to look at when deciding the best time to post on LinkedIn to maximise your engagement.

Follower analytics

These LinkedIn analytics tell you all you need to know about the people following you. Knowing your audience is really key for all types of strategy. By knowing as much about your followers as possible, you can tailor your content to speak directly to this audience. This will improve your engagement as the content you’re posting will always be relevant to the people reading it and this improved engagement will drive further traffic. The types of information available about your audience are, location, job, seniority, industry and company size.

Visitor analytics

This is similar to the Follower analytics above. This LinkedIn analytic gives you information about the type of person who’s visiting your page, but haven’t clicked that ‘follow’ button yet. You want to make these visitors click that button, so it’s key that you understand who these visitors are and tailor your content to them. This will encourage them to hit ‘follow’ so that your page grows!

Employee advocacy analytics

These analytics give page admins the opportunity to study trends in employee and member engagement with content recommended to employees on the ‘My Company’ tab. So, these are metrics like the number of recommendations made for employees connected to your brand’s LinkedIn page and the number of comments by LinkedIn members on employee posts.

Talent brand analytics

This LinkedIn analytic is only available to super admins managing LinkedIn Career Pages. If you want to attract new talent to your company, tracking this metric will be useful.

LinkedIn analytics for posts

You can ramp up the detail of your LinkedIn analysis by consistently monitoring the data and analytics of each post you publish. By clicking ‘Show Stats’ in the bottom right corner of a post you’ll see data like total impressions, engagement rate, click-through rate among others. This way you can keep an eye on the types of posts which are performing well and create more of them. You can see which posts aren’t driving engagement and click-throughs and do less of them.

LinkedIn analytics for your personal page 

You might offer professional services from your LinkedIn profile rather than a company page. You might be a brand ambassador, work in business development or just want to grow your LinkedIn for career development purposes. The good news is that there’s LinkedIn analytics for individuals also!

Your personal analytics are private to you and can be found from your profile, under your Dashboard. There you’ll be able to find data like how many people have viewed your profile, how many people have viewed your post and how many search appearances you’ve had.

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