Japan Reveals Brand New “Esports Gym” with Esports Trainers

May 13th, 2021 by

Growth of the esports industry is driven by the increasing popularity of video gaming from players and spectators. Advancements in gaming technology, customer entertainment preferences, rising disposable income and the popularity of mobile gaming are all advancing the gaming industry’s strong growth.

An additional factor fuelling the growth of gaming and esports is social acceptance. Over the past decade, consumer opinions of gaming and esports have changed drastically. Now, esports competitions are watched in stadiums or online by hundreds of thousands of people. Esports teams enter tournaments with the potential of winning millions of dollars. These tournaments and esports teams have loyal followers, growing streaming revenues and countless sponsorships that have helped power esports.

Esports Gym

As a result of highly competitive tournaments, top esports players aren’t considered just gamers anymore, but professional athletes. The skills professional gamers require are unique challenges for trainers and different from those in other sports. Professional esports trainers design unique fitness routines explicitly tailored for esports players. 

The adrenaline from competing in highly competitive gaming tournaments means the heart rates of esports players can reach between 160 and 180 beats per minute. Reaching this heart rate while static can have a negative impact on the body, so many esports athletes have a rigorous physical and mental wellness routine.

Esports Gym

Brands can get involved with esports by providing training equipment, facilities, nutritional advice or general financing. Red Bull sponsors esport team OpTic Gaming and provides access to the Red Bull Training Centre alongside personal trainers and coaches. In addition to this, supermarkets Lidl and Aldi have signed separate partnerships with SK Gaming and Team Vitality. As an agreement of this partnership, the supermarkets will provide the teams with nutritional plans.

Esports Gyms

As a result of the popularity of esports and the competitiveness of esports tournaments, many esports gyms have begun opening across the world, but mainly in Asia. The purpose of these dedicated esports gyms is to provide spaces for individuals or esports teams of all skill levels to practise and compete. The gyms and trainers help players create good habits (posture, reflex training and healthy eating) so they are able to create a successful esports career. These gyms provide budding players with everything they need to consistently perform their best. The development of esports gyms will ultimately lead to better professionals and more entertaining esports tournaments.

Esports Gym

Tokyo Metro and esports education company Geshipi have teamed up to welcome new and experienced gamers into their Esports Gym in Tokyo. Esports Gym is a space where gamers of all calibur can train and receive professional coaching if they want to enjoy esports more seriously. 

The competitive gaming space is set to open to the public on May 19th and will offer a lounge, gaming PCs and access to popular Japanese games as well as Valorant and League of Legends.

Gamers wanting access to Esports Gym can book a three hour time slot at one of the PCs for around £10 or pay for a monthly membership starting at around £35, which allows access to gaming PCs daily, in addition to paying an extra fee per hour for optional coaching sessions.

Professional coaching will be available online or in person from Crest Gaming and Glory Be Esports for gaming including Valorant, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Identity V. 

While the Esports Gym is the first of its kind in Japan, there are similar facilities available across Asia. In Singapore, Asia’s first 24-hour dedicated esports space opened in February, powered by audio-visual and events company NEO.TM. The Gym, as it’s called, provides gaming areas, live streaming capabilities and events spaces. 

In South Korea, professional esports team T1 have built a 10-story space in Seoul’s Gangnam district, dedicated to esports training. The facility gives around 70 professional gamers access to a Nike-sponsored gym, nutritionists and English language classes.

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