The Most Important Instagram Stats to Know for 2023

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Instagram has been ever-growing in the social media landscape and shows no signs of stopping. For marketers, it has proven to be one of the most successful places to get your product seen, with influencers showing their audiences the direct impact the product can have on their lives. Here, we will outline the key Instagram stats that show how you can best utilise Instagram for future campaigns. 

Instagram user statistics

Instagram Is the Second Most Downloaded Free App in the Apple Store

Despite its 12-year run, Instagram stats show that it is still being heavily downloaded on the App Store. Only YouTube has more downloads on this list. Snapchat, Messenger, and Facebook follow closely after, which is an excellent indication of Instagram’s continued growth. Despite being around for a while, Instagram is showing that it still has room for growth.

1.22 billion people use Instagram each month

Instagram user statistics show that, simply put, it is an incredibly popular social media app. That being said, YouTube and Facebook rank above it in terms of monthly usage. 

71.9% of the Posts on Instagram Are Grid Photos

Not surprising at all, most of the content on Instagram is photos, one of the main reasons for using Instagram. Instagram user statistics show that more than one in ten are using the app specifically to shop or find new products, an important reason why visuals are essential to attract customers. A smaller percentage is video content, which tends to get better engagement and shares on the platform according to Instagram stats.

More Than Half of the Global Instagram User Population Is Younger Than 34 Years Old

Statista reported that more than half of the global Instagram users’ population is 34 years or younger. This is unsurprising as, generally, millions of teenagers and young adults flock to this social media platform daily. Global Instagram user statistics indicate that the target audience those marketers go for on this app should be 18-34 years old. 

More specifically, influencer user statistics show that aged 16 to 24 prefer Instagram to other social platforms—even above TikTok. If that’s an age cohort you’re looking to reach, Insta is apparently the place to be.

88% of Instagram Users Live Outside of America

Instagram stats show that most people on the site live outside the USA. Currently, 88% of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly users live outside the USA. Americans are the largest Instagram audience, but India is rapidly increasing. The US has 120 million users, followed by India with 80 million, closely followed by Brazil (77 million), and Indonesia (63 million).

This is an important stat when thinking about targeting your ideal audience and what kind of content to create. If you’re creating something that you want to be universal, it is important to remember that Instagram has a global audience.

Instagram Influencer Rates Range From £50 To £1 Million For A Single Sponsored Post

Influencer marketing has grown over the last few years, thanks to Instagram. Influencers now come in different tiers, all the way from nano to mega influencers with huge follower bases.

Top celebrities such as Lionel Messi can command a staggering half a million to a million per sponsored post. Nano or micro-influencers usually start around £50 with rewarded handouts and giveaways.

India is also Instagram’s fastest-growing market

Increasing its audience by 16% quarter-over-quarter, Instagram user statistics show that India is the fastest growing region for Instagram currently. If you need to market in India, Instagram is a great place for that!


These Instagram stats show that the app is not only ever-growing in the main markets, but is also growing across the globe—even 12 years since it launched. Instagram user statistics and follower statistics are essential for marketers who want to understand their target audience before going ahead with their exciting campaigns!

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