Why Instagram Metrics are Important

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Instagram metrics are a very useful tool to understand  in order to grow your audience and promote your brand on the app. They allow you to track whether your marketing strategies are effective and making any difference to your brands growth. Instagram metrics help you understand things like the best time to post on Instagram and how to go about conducting influencer marketing on Instagram.

Understanding Instagram metrics can be tricky, so working with an influencer marketing agency can give you a headstart. But, in order to understand Instagram metrics better and how to better use them to increase the success of your online brand, there are a few things you need to consider first.

Instagram Metrics Explained

Instagram post metrics allow you to keep an eye on the performance of your different initiatives, something that is essential to track progress. Managing your Instagram account without ever looking at your analytics means that you’re only getting half the picture when it comes to the results of your marketing strategies. These can align with your company goals or even your own personal Instagram KPIs.

Top Instagram Metrics to Track


Firstly, in order to understand reach, it is important to understand the difference between reach and impressions as they work hand in hand. Looking at your reach for each post, tells you how many people have seen your content with regards only to unique views. However,

impressions is a separate Instagram metric that shows the total number of views that a post has had, therefore impressions also include the repeated views of a single user.

As it may be time consuming to find out the number of every single person that your content was delivered to, it’s probably better to have a look at your average reach rate. This is usually displayed in percentage form, therefore easier to analyse against your follower count.

This Instagram metric is important to track, especially with campaigns that have a main goal of generating brand awareness. This is also something one should take into account if you want your content to go viral and monitoring your reach means you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Engagement rate by followers

Engagement rate tracking is another important Instagram rate that every business and brand should regularly monitor. Engagement represents the total number of likes and comments that each post has earned, however, your engagement rate shows what percentage of your followers actually resonated with your content and have taken an action to show it (liked, commented, shared, saved).

Tracking your engagement rate is a useful tool as it usually coincides with your follower count which helps you to accurately evaluate performance. This also gives you more of an idea as to the type of content that your followers enjoy and what they resonate with the most.


Saves are now seen as ‘the new like’ and have been one of the newest Instagram metrics that brands are impacted by. This is because they give an even more in depth idea of how people really feel about your content and whether or not they find your information useful or not. Keeping an eye on your saves allows you to plan your content accordingly as you now have further insight into the type of content that resonates with your audience.

Follower Growth

Another important Instagram metric is follower growth. This allows you to track whether or not your content is catching the attention of and reaching new audiences. However, it is important to note that even though having a lot of followers may add to the brand’s credibility, it doesn’t give you an idea on the progress of your marketing campaigns. The most important thing when it comes to follower growth is keeping an eye on the way your follower count changes over time. In order to calculate your follower growth, all you need to do is take the number of new followers from the beginning of the month, and divide it by the number of followers you had at the start.

 Instagram Story Metrics

Tracking your Instagram story metrics is extremely essential, over time it has become users’ most preferred ways of interacting with brands. Insights that cover Instagram stories is definitely something that should be analysed before conducting any social media campaign.

Here a few things to consider when analysing the performance of Instagram stories:

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