Instagram Marketing Tips to Improve your Strategy

September 27th, 2022 by

In this article, we will be providing you with the top tips of how to improve your Instagram marketing in 2023! These strategies can be helpful for people looking to implement an Instagram marketing plan that can help grow their profile and attract prospective clients.

1. Make Quality Instagram Posts

Ensure your Instagram posts are shot with a high-quality camera, have good lighting, and are shot at creative angles to ensure your content looks professional. 

Business clients will be more attracted to influencers with quality control on their Instagram posts. The better looking the content, the better your chances of getting noticed. This will skyrocket your chances of successful Instagram marketing in 2023.

Instagram marketing tips: HD quality posts

2. Employ a Regular Instagram Posting Schedule 

Ensure that you post content regularly. Do not neglect your Instagram profile for more than 2 months.

This is especially important in modern society where retention rates are rapidly declining, unfortunately.

People will lose interest in your profile if there is no guarantee of regular content being posted, and if you want to succeed at Instagram marketing in 2023, you need work ethic! Plan a schedule of when you will post content. This could be every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and/or Saturday at a certain time. No pressure. Click here to discover the best time to post on Instagram in 2023.

3. Add Interesting Captions

When posting on Instagram, you have the option to add captions to your photos. Make sure your Instagram captions are enticing and incite conversation with your viewers. Utilising emojis is also recommended as it can communicate your thoughts visually, eliminating words which have language barriers. Embedding great Instagram captions is the perfect way to engage with your audience and maintain good Instagram Marketing in 2023.

Instagram marketing tips: interesting captions

4. Effectively use Hashtags

When utilising Instagram captions, always try to embed appropriate trending hashtags based on the content you post.

For example, what would a fashion streetwear influencer use? Typically the hashtags #streetwear, #streetstyle, #mensfashion and #fashion would suffice. Always remember, Hashtags are an essential tool when it comes to Instagram marketing in 2023. 

It helps aid Instagram Growth Hacking, as using trending hashtags will increase your chances of landing viral content.

Instagram marketing tips: effective hashtags

5. Interact With Your Followers 

Acknowledge potential fans! When you start to receive comments from other Instagram users, try to reply to as many people as possible according to their reaction to your content. 

If they like your content, express a little gratitude for the attention they gave! Just a smiley emoji is sometimes enough, but make sure your replies aren’t overly similar. Because then…followers may think you’re a robot!

If you’re starting out, it may be in your best interest to delete or hide any negative comments as it may negate new followers if they see too many hate comments. Also, discover why you may be receiving negative responses, if you are.

6. Regularly Post Instagram Reels

Posting Instagram Reels is a vital Instagram influencer marketing strategy. It allows you to post short audio-visual content which is more lively than still images and can engender more interaction with your audience. Incorporating trending sounds or songs can also help your videos gain more traction and is an essential content strategy for Instagram and Instagram marketing in 2023.

7. Regularly Post Instagram Stories

Want to briefly update your followers on your day without having to add to your personal feed? This is where Instagram Stories come in handy. This is another way to demonstrate the activity of your Instagram account.

Instagram Stories

8. Keep Your Feed Professional

Strategically planning a nice-looking Instagram feed is a great Instagram marketing tool for small businesses in particular. It conveys professionalism and flair. People are more likely to click on your posts in your feed if it looks attractive.

Professional IG Feed

9. Don’t Spam Your Followers

You may be eager to get the content pumping in hopes to land a viral post – but don’t make too many Instagram posts in a short period of time.

People will unfollow your account if you post too much as it will flood their notifications, thus running the risk of them leaving negative comments on your existing posts. This is something you must avoid when Instagram marketing in 2023.

Some Instagram accounts may wipe their existing feed to design a dedicated feed for an upcoming marketing campaign which may consist of several photos, such as a large print photoshoot, but this is better suited to brands, not individuals with more personalised audiences.

10. Keep Up-to-Date With the Latest Instagram News and Trends

Make sure you’re always aware in short notice of any changes that Instagram makes to their app or any vital regulatory decisions that Instagram may face as these could be relevant to the way your account is handled. 

Being aware of any trending photo techniques or video styles is also an important protocol when Instagram marketing in 2023. Hopping on trends increases the chances of your content getting noticed, as this is what the majority of people are paying attention to currently. Follow the crowd!

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