The Instagram Demographics to Know in 2023

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Social media platform demographics allow marketers to identify the exact online locations they need to focus on in order to reach their target users. The demographics of social media users identify age, location, disposable income, interests, online activities and so much more. Social media demographics are constantly changing as generations move and more adapt to a social-first online environment. It’s important that marketers keep up to date with all social media platform demographics so they can adjust their social media marketing plans accordingly. Facebook demographics are different to Instagram demographics, and Instagram demographics are different to TikTok demographics. 

General Social Media Demographics to know

Facebook is King

Despite new competition from emerging platforms, Facebook still remains the most-used and engaged-with social platform.

56.8% of the world’s population is active on social media

4.48 billion people use social media worldwide, 93.33% of which are active users.

Globally, the average social media users has 8 different accounts

The average number of social media accounts a millennial or Gen Z has is 8.4.

Almost half of internet users use social media for work

40% of all internet users globally use social media for work purposes.

On a global average, more men use social media

The current global average gender split of social media users is 54% men versus 46% women. However, this varies from country to country. In North America, the split is 54% female vs 46% male. In Western Europe, the split between genders is 50/50.

Instagram demographics you need to know

Instagram marketing is one of the most popular social media marketing tactics for brands. From the abundance of Instagram influencers to work with to the content formats available and paid advertising, there is something for every brand on Instagram. However, understanding Instagram demographics can help marketers understand exactly what their audience on that platform is doing and how they use the platform. 

But what are the key Instagram demographics marketers need to know? 

General Instagram user demographics

  1. There are 1.2 billion unique visitors active on Instagram as of October 2020. 
  2. Over 500 million accounts view Instagram Stories every day, making Stories one of the most popular Instagram features
  3. There are potentially 1.16 billion audience members advertisers can reach on Instagram. 
  4. 90 million Instagram users tap on Instagram product tags each month.
  5. 9 out of 10 people on Instagram follow a business account.
  6. The gender split on Instagram is 57% female to 43% male.

Instagram age demographics

  1. The 25-34 age group represents the largest advertising audience on Instagram, followed closely by the 18-24-year old age group.
  2. Men slightly outnumber women in these younger age groups. However, for those 35+, women outnumber men. 
  3. The younger an Instagram user is, the more frequently they open the app per day. 67% of those aged between 18 and 24 open the platform more than once a day, followed by 60% of 25 to 34 year olds and 49% of 35 to 44 year olds. 
  4. 11% of parents say their 9 to 11 year-olds use Instagram, despite the minimum age being 13.

Instagram location demographics

  1. Countries with the largest audience on Instagram are the US, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Russia. 
  2. Instagram has been blocked in China since 2014. 
  3. Instagram’s average revenue per user is 11 times higher in the US and Canada compared to the Asia-Pacific region.


What is Instagram’s demographic?

  1. There are 1.2 billion unique visitors active on Instagram as of October 2020. 
  2. Over 500 million accounts view Instagram Stories every day. 
  3. There are potentially 1.16 billion audience members advertisers can reach on Instagram. 
  4. The largest age demographic is 25-34-year-olds.

What is the main demographic of Instagram?

As of July 2021, Instagram has just under 30 million users in the UK. The largest age demographic is those between 24 and 34. 

What is the age demographic of Instagram users?

The largest age demographic is 25-34-year-olds. This is followed by those aged between 18 and 24. 

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