Instagram Analytics: Ultimate Guide to Posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels And More!

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When it comes to meeting your brand’s Instagram goals, Instagram analytics are the best place to start. Understanding Instagram insights allows you to analyse your brand’s Instagram strategy, making it easy to compare content, measure the success of campaigns, and see how individual content pieces are performing. Instagram data analytics are important to create a long-term successful Instagram strategy which will drive results for your brand. 

Through Instagram analytics, you can discover who your audience is, what they are engaging with, when they are active, and what kind of content they are interested in. This article will provide a guide for understanding Instagram insights.  

Firstly, Instagram analytics are a free, native, in-app tool providing insights into your pages performance by tracking reach, engagement and followers. Instagram analytics can be accessed by any business or creator accounts with over 100 followers through the “Insights” tab on the profile page, where you can find a breakdown of Instagram post analytics broken down into key metrics. 

Audience Insights 

To access your audience insights, open your “Insights Tab”, scroll down to “Your Audience”, and click “See all”. This will give you access to data on how many people follow/unfollow your account, the top locations of your audience, your audiences’ ages, gender, and your audiences’ activity. 

Finding out who your audience is can play a key role in your Instagram strategy. Knowing who your audience is will allow you to gear your content towards their interests, adapting your content strategy around your audience. In addition, it is key to look for patterns in times and days your audience is active so you can post at times content is most likely to reach your audience. Knowing when to post will allow you to optimize your social media calendar while maximising engagement. 

Instagram Feed Posts Insights 

Through your Instagram analytics you can view insights into “Content You Shared”, granting you access to a number of metrics, including impressions, likes, post interactions, profile visits, reaches, saves and website taps. Alternatively, you can click on the individual post and click “View Insights” which will show you the key metrics for an individual content piece. 

Using these Instagram analytics allows you to identify successful and unsuccessful posts by looking at the number of people engaging with your content, giving you an indication of what content resonates best with your audience. 

Instagram Story Analytics 

Similarly to Feed Post Instagram analytics, you can view the analytics of your Instagram Stories through the “Insights Tab” or by swiping up on a live Story. You will be able to view the following metrics on your Stories; views, follows, impressions, link clicks, profile visits, reach, text button taps, website taps and more. 

Reviewing your Stories will give you insight into their performance, helping you understand what types of Stories work best for your brand and what you should be creating. 

Instagram Reels Analytics 

Instagram Reels are the newest addition to Instagram analytics. To find data on a specific Reel, scroll to the “Reel” section in your “Insights Tab” to find data on the accounts reached, the plays, likes, comments, saves and shares of your Reel. 

To access metrics on your Reels compared to other forms of content, tap the Right Arrow next to “Accounts Reached” in the Overview Screen. You can compare how your Reels performed compared to other content forms over the last 7 or 30 day period, as well as viewing a ranking of your top Reels. 

IGTV Analytics 

To discover the Instagram analytics from your IGTV, scroll down to “Content You Shared” and click the arrow next to your IGTV Videos. From here, you will be able to find your average percentage watched, comments, likes, reach, saves, views, and interactions. 

Tracking Instagram analytics online

As well as the In App, native analytics, there are also several paid online tools you can use to track your Instagram analytics. Incosquare helps you understand how your posting frequency helps attract or lose followers, as well as providing in depth engagement insights. Social Rank provides detailed audience metrics, such as followers patterns, allowing you to tailor your content more effectively. Instagram analytics online can provide a more in depth look into your progress. 

Which are the best instagram analytics to track?

When deciding which Instagram analytics to track, it depends on your goals for your Instagram strategy. Having goals for your brand will allow you to track the best instagram analytics for you. If you are focused on if your audience is engaging with your content, focus on engagement metrics and what content is performing well in terms of likes, comments and shares. To build awareness, focus on the reach of your posts and tailor your content to reaching a maximum amount of people.

Instagram analytics allow you to track and understand what is working for your brand, helping you build a successful Instagram strategy. Whatever your goals are, test our different content forms, posting times, and tweak your tactics to find out what works for your brand! 

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