How to Improve Your Instagram Ad Design and Get More Conversions

February 2nd, 2022 by

Having an Instagram strategy is vital to surviving in today’s tough online social climate. While TikTok is the app of the moment, it’s not suitable for all brands. This is why Instagram has remained hugely popular. Instagram has seen significant changes over the past couple of years—with the introduction of Reels and the retirement of IGTVs, amongst other features. 

With a heavy focus on video, getting your Instagram ad design right is more important than ever before. You can create Instagram ads for free—including Instagram Story ad designs, and in-feed posts. We’ve pulled together our top tips to ensure your Instagram ad designs bring you the success you deserve. 

Instagram ad design tips

Instagram ad dimensions

Depending on the type of Instagram ad you want to publish, it’s important to note the appropriate dimensions to ensure your Instagram ad designs are as high quality as possible. When designing your ad, you need to consider the format—image, video, carousel or collection—and where it will appear in the app. 

For Instagram image ads, you need to create content as a JPG or PNG. The maximum file size is 30MB and the recommended aspect ratio is 1:1 for in-feed ads, and 9:16 for Stories and explore ads. The minimum image resolution is 1080 × 1080 pixels.

For Instagram video ads, content needs to be created in MP4, MOV or GIF formats. The maximum file size is 250MB and the recommended aspect ratio is 4:5 for in-feed ads and explore ads, and 9:16 for Stories and Reels ads. The video duration needs to be between 1 and 60 seconds.

For Instagram carousel ads, you have more freedom. You can have either images or videos, so content formats required are JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV or GIFs. The maximum file size for images is 30MB and for video is 4GB. The recommended aspect ratio: is 1:1. 

Instagram collection ads are similar to carousel ads. You can have both images and videos, and the maximum file sizes are the same as carousels. The difference is in recommended aspect ratios. The largest tattoo is 1.91:1 and the others are 1:1. 

Use sound

Although technically not an Instagram ad design, using sound in your ads is important. Thanks to TikTok and Reels, audiences are transitioning to prefer an audio-on experience—sound will grab your audience’s attention. However, within your Instagram ad design, you need to include closed captions to make sure the ad also works without sound. 

Use video

Instagram has confirmed it is tailoring its algorithm to promote video content more than static posts. Video will be the biggest Instagram trend for 2022, so it’s important to design your ads to make the most of this. Movement at the start of your video ad will help it get noticed. This is particularly important for ads that appear in the Instagram feed or Explore page, since they have limited time to grab users’ attention before they scroll past. Video ads give you the chance to tell a story that your customers connect to. 

Keep it simple

When working with the size of a smartphone screen, you don’t have a lot of space to create a masterpiece Instagram ad design. To grab your audience’s attention, consider using a bold but minimalist design. Using a minimalist design with a clear call to action can be highly effective.

Use bright colours

Instagram is a visual ad. Making your ads as eye-catching as possible will ensure views. The best way to do this without diluting your messaging is to use bright colours. Using colours makes it easy for users to decipher the most important elements of your ad at a glance. Using positive, bright colours also helps users develop positive feelings in connection to your brand. 


How much does it cost to design an Instagram Ad?

You can create an Instagram ad design for free! You can use online editing software to create your content, keeping your branding in mind when doing so. 

What kind of Ads work best on Instagram?

Image or carousel ads are typically most successful as it’s easy for your message to be understood by users scrolling quickly. Video ads are great at capturing and maintaining a user’s attention. 

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