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Today, we caught up with Steph from @stephies_storytime, originally from Australia, but now living in Tasmania. With 47.8K followers on Instagram, Steph has built a community around lifestyle and fitness, spreading positivity and empowerment. We discuss important topics within influencer marketing, and where they want to take their career!

Check out the interview below!

1. What is the main message you want to send to your followers who look to you for fitness inspiration? 

My main message I want to send to my followers is that they are worthy and that they are someone in this world. I want people to believe that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

2. What was the motivating factor for getting you involved in your line of work? 

I have qualifications in travel, group fitness and event management. I finally decided to go to uni at 30 to become a Registered Nurse because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I now work as a Perioperative Registered Nurse and influencer in my spare time.


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3.Tell us about your background and how you started to build your following. 

I have always loved taking photos and posting to social media, so becoming a content creator was a fun hobby for me. I love the communities on Instagram and TikTok and have made so many supportive friends on these platforms.

4. Which platforms do you predominantly use? Which is your favourite?

 My absolute fave is IG. I also love TikTok and Facebook.

5.What type of content do you create, and which type works best for your audience? 

I’ve found that reels generate engagement and followers. Stories also get loads of engagement too. I’m a huge mental health advocate and I love to create real content of my lifestyle, fitness routines, and spread messages of positivity and empowerment. 

6. How would you define “influencer marketing”? 

Influencer marketing is a way for brands to reach a broader audience.

7.Have you worked with brands before? How do you decide which brands to work with? 

My niche is health and fitness and people will expect to see me work with health and fitness brands. I work with active wear brands, street wear and many health supplement brands. I also love to work with hair and makeup brands.


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8. How do you think influencer marketing will change over the next 12 months? 

It will get bigger! Brands use influencers to reach different age groups and influencers are relatable to their followers.

9. Has influencer marketing changed since you began working within social media? 

Yes definitely! There are so many more platforms out there and content has changed. It’s no longer still images. It’s now videos, which is more interactive and so much fun!

10. Do you use any software to help create and edit your content? 

Yes I love Lightroom, Splice and Instories. 

11. How do you balance your online and offline lives? 

To be completely honest, I really struggle with this! I try so hard to have offline time, I try not to look at my phone for at least an hour after waking up. And I need to do the same before bed!

12. Which influencers inspire you? 

I love Iskra Lawrence, Ariella Nyssa, Megan Crabbe, Alicia Keys. 


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13. Where would you like to take your career as an influencer? 

I would love to be able to inspire others to look after their physical and mental health at a greater scale. 

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