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We caught up with Sophie, AKA @millennialmumma_ on Instagram. Sophie shares the realities of being a neurodivergent mother to her audience, as well as where to find the best bargain! 

Check out the full interview for how Sophie supports her audience during the cost of living crisis, and the importance of authenticity during brand partnerships.

1. Tell us about your background and how you started to build your following. 

I am actually a trained primary teacher by profession! I specialised in English and have a real love for children’s literature. I actually fell pregnant in my last year of university and I graduated three weeks before giving birth. I started my Instagram a few days before we went into lockdown. My intention was to keep a pregnancy diary for family and friends and so I could show Albie in years to come. Things spiralled from there as I started connecting to other pregnant women. We were all really scared about the uncertainty of having a baby during COVID. Now two years later, I just post about our lifestyle and being a mum! I am super honest about the good and the bad parts of motherhood and I think that appeals to people. I have been told it’s refreshing to see someone share every side of motherhood.


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A post shared by Sophie 💙 (@millennialmumma_)

2. Which platforms do you predominantly use? Which is your favourite?

I was an Insta girl until very recently! The algorithm kept changing and it was really hard to keep up with knowing what kind of content Instagram was pushing. So on a whim I started uploading regularly to TikTok. I had done a few videos before but I began uploading 3 videos a day and so far have 12,800 followers in just two months! So I am really enjoying TikTok at the moment. I also have a Facebook page which I upload to everyday and a blog, which has only just launched. I am most active on Instagram Stories and TikTok daily. 

3. What type of content do you create, and which type works best for your audience?

Ooo what a question! I always read about the importance of having a niche. But honestly, my life is a bit too chaotic to have one niche! I have ADHD so I am always hyper-fixating on something new! I call myself a lifestyle page, as it really is just whatever is relevant to us / the world at the time. I do love a bargain though, so I am pushing a lot of content related to the cost of living crisis at the moment which has been really well received, especially on TikTok. I receive messages all the time from people who are struggling to make ends meet. It breaks my heart, especially when it’s nurses, teachers, supermarket workers… basically all the COVID key workers that are being plunged into poverty. Although we can’t save and scrimp out of the cost of living situation, I like to help others know where they can save a little extra money so they can cope this winter.

Posting about neurodiversity always does well too, I like to educate people as there is so much stigma but it attracts lots of trolls, so I have to have thick skin on those days! I was diagnosed with Autism, PDA, ADHD and Dyspraxia last year, after a lifetime of mental health struggles. I receive messages daily from people who resonate with my story and think they might be neurodiverse too. The trouble is there is so much underrepresentation and misinformation about what having autism really is. So I love showing people that having autism, ADHD etc isn’t what they think and breaking down those stereotypes.

4. As a bargain hunter, what would you say to others to convince them to join you in shopping this way?

As soon as I tell them how much money I have saved, people are hooked! I always get compliments on my son’s outfits and people are so shocked when they find out it costs 20p from a boot fair! Every Sunday I share a £5 boot fair haul and I get messages all week from people excited to see what bargains I will find. Just sharing my finds has converted so many people to bargain hunting!


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A post shared by Sophie 💙 (@millennialmumma_)

5. How would you define “influencer marketing”?

I am a huge fan of influencer marketing! I grew up in the ‘social media generation’, when influencers were just becoming a thing. I remember as a teen wanting to buy EVERYTHING Zoella had… I even got ombre hair to look like her! Influencer marketing is such a powerful way for brands to increase their sales, brand awareness, SEO etc. If someone I trust is raving about a product… you bet I am going to buy it!.

6. Have you worked with brands before? How do you decide which brands to work with?

Yes! I am so lucky to have worked with some amazing brands. I love the brands that really value me as a creator, and let me get creative with the brief! I am very picky with the brands I work with, if they don’t align with my page I won’t work with them. For example, I would never work with a betting company or a dieting brand, it just doesn’t align with my values and my audience would see right through it. It is really important to me that my followers trust me. Although, in the past I have missed out on some well paid work, I find the brands I do work really appreciate how loyal my following is.

7. How do you think influencer marketing will change over the next 12 months?

I think it is changing so quickly! Back in the old days, I remember influencers literally saying “you need to buy this product, it is amazing”  and people going crazy over it. But that doesn’t work anymore. I find the best brand work I do are ones where I can get creative and weave the product into my content. For example, I recently did a campaign with a laundry brand. Instead of just showing the product, I made it into ‘3 Energy Saving Tips’ and it was really well received! People like content that either means something to them, makes them laugh or teaches them something.

8. How has influencer marketing changed since you began working within social media?

It has changed so much in just two years! Video content has been the main change which has been a big adjustment. I find brands tend to prefer Reels as that is what Instagram is pushing at the moment. Also, with the rise of micro influencers, the market is more saturated so you really have to stand out when working with brands. 

@millennialmumma_ Have you bought anything second hand for Xmas this year? #secondhandchristmas (More info on how to shop second hand on my blog in my bio!) #StumbleToVictory #secondhandxmas #shopsecondhand ♬ original sound – Soph – Millennial Mumma

9. Do you use any software to help create and edit your content?

I do! I love a good editing app! I use Splice to edit my video content together. I love their ‘extract’ tool as I can copy trending sounds over and edit that way. For photos, I use Lightroom mainly. I make sure to never edit my face though and I rarely use filters. I am really passionate about being my authentic self so I don’t go crazy when editing. Just adjust the brightness and saturation if the lighting is a little off.

10. How do you balance your online and offline lives?

I am still trying to figure that one out! Social media became my full time job, so I find it tricky sometimes as I just find myself logging in and working at random times! I make sure Albie and I have plans for toddler groups and seeing friends during the week to break things up. I also have ‘no phone evenings’ so my partner and I can actually chat to each other about our day and we love a good Netflix drama!

11. Which influencers inspire you?

I love all the ‘old school mum influencers’ who I was watching as a teenager like Louise Pentland, Charlotte Taylor and Kate Bow Bow. I am also a huge lover of Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon! But I love following ‘micro’ influencers too. Some of my favourite accounts are @lifeandtimesofviolet, @weaning_with_sophie and @mini.moores.

12. Where would you like to take your career as an influencer?

I would love to keep growing my following. Having autism and ADHD, I find connecting with people in real life overwhelming sometimes, so connecting with people online is amazing. My main goal is to show real mum life to as many people as possible! I want people to follow me and feel reassured that life isn’t always perfect and hopefully they might even start bargain hunting themselves!

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