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We caught up with Maddie, known on Twitch as littlebunny_x and TikTok as @l_bunny_x

1. What is your favourite thing about being a Twitch streamer and do you see it as a long-term career option?

My favourite thing about being a Twitch streamer is being able to meet and reach such a wide diverse audience, learning so much about people and getting to learn new things about other cultures while at work. Also, finding a group of people who appreciate the same things I do and just having fun with them while gaming and building relationships. I definitely see it as a long-term career, I know it will be difficult and I will have to learn how to adapt with changing times but I wouldn’t have quit my job to do so, if I didn’t have the passion for it.

2. Tell us about your background and how you started to build your following. 

I was a marketing intern before COVID living in London. However, when COVID happened I was forced to move back home as I lost the internship and couldn’t pay rent. I was so lost at this point not knowing what to do, I started playing old games I used to play before university like Puzzle Pirates and World of Warcraft. Some other players then suggested I take up Twitch streaming, I had no idea what the platform was but as soon as I had my first stream I was hooked.


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3. Which platforms do you predominantly use? Which is your favourite?

Twitch is definitely my most used and favourite platform, however TikTok and Instagram are a great way to build an audience quickly.

4. What type of content do you create, and which type works best for your audience?

I try to create a positive happy space online, uplifting others, as I think there can be too much hate and negativity online. I also focus on gaming and anime which works very well with my audience.

5. How would you define “influencer marketing”?

I would say it’s a way of personal marketing, for the brand being able to target the correct audience, and the followers being able to have direct contact to the brand through the influencer.


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6. Have you worked with brands before? How do you decide which brands to work with?

I have worked with Hello Fresh, Sneak and Raid Shadow Legends, all of which approached me through Discord or email. I decided to work with these brands as they allowed me to test the products beforehand and seemed to have great communication.

7. How do you think influencer marketing will change over the next 12 months?

I think followers are becoming more and more aware of ads online and want to know the influencer really, truly endorses the product and is not only promoting to make a quick buck.

8. How has influencer marketing changed since you began working within social media?

I appreciate the rules on Instagram and TikTok which state you have to clearly say when something is paid media, as when influencer marketing first came about that did not exist, so followers were being fed fake news.

@l_bunny_x Kinda impressed with how badly I managed to fail #twitchfalls #twitchstreamer #twitchtok #twitchfails #livestreamfails #livestreamclips #twitchmoments ♬ original sound – Richard Stott

9. Do you use any software to help create and edit your content?

I have a lot of video editing software like DaVinci to help create my YouTube and TikTok videos, and I also use a software called OBS to create overlays for my Twitch Streams.

10. How do you balance your online and offline lives?

This is something I am still figuring out. I work 6 days a week every week, but it is hard to turn my phone and comments off, also as my work is so much fun and I am passionate about it, I rarely want to sit around doing nothing. So I will always have a video to edit or pictures to take if I am not streaming.

11. Which influencers inspire you?

I love @pokimaine, she has stayed true to herself throughout her career and seems down to earth and happy.

@pokiEpisode 1 | day in the life of a streamer, gamer, content creator ☺️ this is a more chill day where I don’t film/record, let me know if y’all want more of these 🫶🏻

♬ original sound – pokimane

12. Where would you like to take your career as an influencer?

I would love to grow to a place where I have created a name for myself, where people come to my channel and they know what they are getting. Also I would love to be able to create a charity to help internet safety against harassment.

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