Influencer Marketing Trends 2023

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Influencer marketing trends in 2022 change as quickly as the general social media landscape. With new platforms and features cropping up every week, keeping on top of influencer marketing trends is a full-time job.

Keeping on top of influencer trends is important because it shows your brand is culturally relevant. Showing you understand social media trends and influencer marketing trends will make your brand appealing to more audiences.

The global influencer marketing industry is set to be worth £68 billion by 2028. Considering the sheer number of brands and marketers planning to use influencer marketing, staying on top or ahead of influencer marketing trends will help you stand out from the crowd. Working with an influencer marketing agency can ensure all your influencer content is relevant to your audience and the general influencer marketing landscape.

Without further ado, here are influencer marketing trends to look out for in 2022.

The biggest Influencer marketing trends in 2022

 Live commerce

Live commerce has been a general marketing trend for the past year, but it is taking off within the influencer marketing space. Influencers are being used as livestream shopping hosts to

showcase particular products in real-time to their audiences. Influencers have been hosting these livestreams on their own channels or on a brand’s account and are often given a discount code to encourage purchases. 

Using influencers for live commerce has become particularly popular on TikTok, which offers a complete in-app shopping experience.

VR & metaverse experiences

The metaverse has been a buzzword for the past year, and we expect to see more influencers getting involved with metaverse experiences and virtual reality. We have already begun to see influencers supporting and participating in metaverse experiences with brands and as social platforms like TikTok continue to develop their AR development features, we expect influencers to continue working on their creative abilities.


TikTok has been the platform of the year since 2020, and it’s still growing in popularity. Short-form video content has taken over the internet, and TikTok’s algorithm provides a constant stream of entertainment. With more users on the platform, more TikTok creators are growing every day.

TikTok will continue to be a prominent influencer marketing trend for the next few years. As the platform continues to develop its creator fund, features and tools, brand partnerships will become easier and more popular on the platform.

 Micro and nano influencers

The use of micro and nano influencers isn’t new, but it will be a popular influencer marketing trend in 2022. Brands are focusing less on their reach, and more on improving the quality of the connection they have with audiences. Smaller influencers offer higher engagement rates and more niche audiences.

Ongoing partnerships

While one-off influencer sponsorships will always have a place within influencer marketing, there is a shift towards long-term partnerships. This all links back to the consumer demand for authenticity—when an influencer partners with a brand for the long haul, they are signing a contract that doesn’t necessarily permit competitor brand deals. If an influencer takes this deal, they obviously support and genuinely love the brand. This is the type of trend influencer marketing professionals should heavily consider taking part in.


What is the future for influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing will continue to grow at a spectacular rate. With more platforms and features being developed regularly, influencers are being given the tools they need to continue to create high quality content for their audiences.

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