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We seem to be living in a world where influencers are gradually appearing in all realms and spheres to mark their territory and make you reevaluate what you once thought was an innovative marketing strategy.

Their next target? 


In recent years, influencer marketing has begun encroaching on the podcasting world – using the on-demand, ‘radio-type’ media format to push recommendations and advertisements for partner companies. 

With the modern day consumer’s trust levels rapidly depreciating, podcasts are able to suit their needs by providing a native ad experience. 

Though influencer marketing podcasts are still a relatively new concept, in comparison to their social media campaign counterparts, they are quickly gaining traction and the landscape is expected to grow in the coming years. 

For more information on influencer marketing podcasts, keep reading!

Podcasting as a medium

There is no doubt that podcasting has taken off in recent years. Just about everybody and their Mums are starting up podcasts nowadays and, honestly, we’re here for it. 

According to Oberlo, as of 2022, 424.2million people worldwide regularly tune into podcasts, with the medium only set to grow in popularity in the coming years. These statistics provide huge opportunities for brands who are looking to have their products/services fall upon the ears of as many potential customers as possible. 

Podcasts are unique in the sense that they are highly targeted towards certain groups of listeners based on the niche they discuss; unlike radio which discusses a range of topics. Niche’s are the key to influencer marketing success, so tapping into a certain podcast’s audience is a beneficial step in your marketing strategy.

As well as this, podcasts are subscription based and, like Netflix series, fans eagerly await new episodes. This is the beauty of podcasting. Hype is created around these shows and so the audience are guaranteed to show up; in turn, making them more engaged with and interested in what is being said. 

So how do influencer marketing podcasts work exactly?

Just like every other podcast that discusses a niche, influencer marketing podcasts discuss…you guessed it…influencer marketing. Their aim is to keep interested listeners up to date with the latest trends and hottest influencers. 

But how do brands leverage podcasts to run influencer marketing campaigns?

Many podcasts include an advertisement break, whereby the host takes the time to mention the company who is sponsoring either a segment or the entirety of their show. This ad break is where brands can jump in and achieve some of their marketing goals set out at the start of their campaign; ie., increasing reach, driving traffic to their website etc. 

Podcasting as a medium

Why should brands incorporate podcasts into their influencer marketing strategies?

Nowadays, brands who want to expand their reach to niche audiences with high engagement and audience loyalty should leverage influencer marketing podcasts and advertisement breaks in other podcasts. Here’s why:

Niche marketing – there is a podcast for nearly every niche out there. This is beneficial to marketers chasing consumers who intentionally seek out influencers who are figureheads within the niche that interests them. This means that consumers will dive deep into the podcasts that delve into the details of their chosen niche, and if your brand’s ad is somewhere within that, then you will fall upon engaged ears.

Podcasts are appointment listening – podcasts are released as TV series are; one episode at a time. This means that they have a loyal audience who tune in to regularly scheduled weekly episodes, devoting approx. 43 mins of their time to listening to what the host has to say. 

Engages audiences who don’t trust typical branded advertising – Nearly three quarters of social media users think platforms have too many ads. 63% of them find them repetitive, while 44% say they’re irrelevant. But ads and promotions on podcasts get a more welcome reception: 

  1. More than half of podcast listeners pay attention to the ads and don’t skip over them.
  2. 60% of listeners said they searched for a product after hearing it on an episode.
  3. 45% of listeners believe their favourite podcast hosts use the products they mention on their show.
  4. 54% say they consider buying a product that they’ve heard advertised on a podcast.

We think it is the conversational nature of podcasting that makes product promotion seem more authentic. 

Influencer marketing podcasts are scalable – influencer marketing agencies are able to automate the influencer selection process to make it easier for you, as a brand, to promote your products to target audiences on a broader scale. 

Top influencer marketing podcasts

Here are the current highest performing podcasts that every influencer professional should be listening to:

Marketing Geeks

Marketing Geeks

The Influencer Podcast


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Online Marketing made Easy

Online Marketing made Easy

The Marketing Secrets Show

The Marketing Secrets Show

Onalytica Influencer Marketing Podcast

Onalytica Influencer Marketing Podcast

The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

Paul Sutton’s Digital Download Podcast

Paul Sutton’s Digital Download Podcast

Top podcast influencers 



Gary Vaynerchuck

The Girls Bathroom

Between the Reps

Convert regular listeners to customers with podcast influencer marketing

While we are aware that the influencer marketing landscape is constantly evolving and trends come and go, the number of people jumping on the podcast bandwagon doesn’t show any signs of decreasing. 

People actively go out of their way to listen to podcasts on topics they enjoy or want to expand their knowledge on; therefore, running your ad through influencer marketing podcasts is guaranteed to fall upon interested ears. 

Adding podcasting to your influencer marketing strategy could be the key to your success!


What are the best influencer marketing podcasts?

The top three influencer marketing podcasts are as follows:

  1. Blogosphere: Serious Influence
  2. The Influencer Podcast
  3. WIIM (Women in Influencer Marketing

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