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In recent years the term ‘influencer marketing’ has become synonymous with the digital media marketing landscape. With creator communities dominating just about every social media platform, brands are noticing their business potential and steering their marketing strategies towards a more collaborative approach. 

But for the brands looking to leverage this marketing method, how can they ensure they’re doing it correctly?

Cue the influencer agencies.

Influencer marketing agencies essentially bridge the gap between creator and brand, overseeing any collaborations that occur between them with the intention of forming a long-lasting relationship. Being led by industry experts, these agencies accurately plan and flawlessly execute influencer marketing campaigns for brands wanting to achieve any of the following:

  1. Increase online presence
  2. Drive sales 
  3. Run marketing campaigns
  4. Create content strategies
  5. Take care of contracts
  6. Manage influencers 
  7. Craft posting schedules 

The sheer scale of this modern-day marketing technique has made way for the appearance of several thousand influencer marketing platforms. With everything on offer, we understand how tricky it can be to decide which platform is worth handing the reins to, so we’re here to help. In this blog we will shed some light on the top 15 influencer marketing platforms you should be considering to run your next influencer campaign. 

Read on to discover who they are.

Top 15 influencer marketing platforms 

1. Socially Powerful

There was no other way to kick this list off than with yours truly, Socially Powerful. We are a global attention agency that guarantees results and delivers social media, paid media and influencer marketing for the now. With a focus on beauty, fashion and consumer tech, our brand partners include some of the biggest household names across the globe. 

2. Grin

Based on the philosophy that influencer marketing is marketing to the influencer, Grin is an influencer marketing software platform that believes that once a trusting relationship is built, all else falls into place.

With a focus on integrating ecommerce businesses into the major shopping platforms, their easy-to-use platform offers all the features of top-tier management software.


After rebranding from Shop and Shout in 2018 – focusing on ecommerce businesses – to Creator Co, the influencer marketing platform now lives up to its new name by placing a lot of its focus on creating content, rather than just the distribution of it.

With a database of 500 million influencers, brands will never be stuck for options. Sifting through these influencers is a breeze, as Creator Co offers two different plans. Self-Serve, which runs just like any other influencer marketing platform, and Community-Driven which suggests influencers based on the campaign details and ideal influencer they input. 

4. Upfluence 

Upfluence is a self-serve affiliate and influencer marketing platform who are able to turn creators into revenue. Its huge database consisting of 500 million items across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and blogs, allows businesses to find influencers who directly match their criteria. Their influencer management system also provides tools for brands to manage their relationships. 

5. LTK

Founded in 2011, LTK now boasts the largest network of creators, making it one of the leading influencer marketing platforms for brands of any size. Brands will not only receive help with casting, data analysis and planning, but also end-to-end creator campaign management. Influencers will also be able to track their content across all platforms.

6. Influencity

Influencity is an influencer marketing platform that empowers collaboration. It primarily focuses on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, with 70 million influencers in its database; 20 million on TikTok and 10 million on YouTube. Alongside the regular database filters, brands can perform lookalike searches which judges the similarities between influencers based on content and audience data. 

7. #paid 

Shying away from traditional influencer marketing platform models, #paid recognises that influencers have status because they create content good enough to gain an audience. #paid also believe that influencers should be creating exciting content and be a good fit for the brand; this is far more important than reach. The platform also gives influencers an opportunity to reach out to brands they wish to collaborate with using a ‘Handraise’. They then write a message describing why they feel they are a good match and what their strategy would be.

8. Klear

Klear was created by three brothers, Guy, Eytan and Noam who wanted to create a smarter way to access insights from the social web. The platform is focused on analytics with a vast amount of data from social media networks and an even bigger database of influencers. Notable brand partners include Adidas, Microsoft and Estee Lauder. 

9. Post for Rent

Post for Rent maintains the balance between business efficiency and influencer campaigns. It has a system in place for brands and influencers to leave reviews for each other and act as references and has an exceptionally clean interface for creating campaigns. Notable brand partners include Google, Burger King, HBO, Nike and Audi. 

10. Kolsquare

Unlike other influencer marketing platforms mentioned in this list, Kolsquare is rather unique with its focus area being key opinion leader (KOL) marketing. Whether you simply want to identify key opinion leaders to partner with or are looking for a tool to manage your campaigns, Kolsquare is the platform for you. It also allows bigger teams to run the software through their own interface, so it is perfect for agencies and marketing teams. 

11. Find Your Influence

Based in Arizona, Find Your Influence combines a strong knowledge of marketing with technology to drive “global conversations delivered revolutionary technology”. Their community is made up of a variety of influencers who operate on a variety of social networks for different niches. 

12. Open Influence

Open Influence is a mobile-first company whose mission is to give brands a human voice through content. Its search engine recognises 100,000 influencers, 3 million unique mentions and 5 million keywords. 

13. BrandBacker

Brand Backer is an influencer marketing platform that encourages social media users to sign up as an influencer; particularly in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food and travel. Influencers are given the opportunity to receive things in their dashboard, such as samples, paid posts and discounts, as well as the chance to reach out to brands they wish to collaborate with. 

14. Influencer Intelligence 

Influencer Intelligence makes finding influencers an easy process with detailed data on influencer profiles, allowing for more specific database filters to be applied, such as influencer type, attributes, endorsements etc. Notable partnerships include Amazon, Disney and Netflix. 

15. is an influencer marketing platform with a difference. It allows brands and influencers to meet and interact socially through networking communities founded on the platform. On the social feed, influencers can post to show their worth, brands can share content/campaigns and everyone can ask for advice on what is working and what isn’t.


What are the top influencer marketing platforms?

The top influencer marketing platforms are: 

  1. Socially Powerful
  2. Grin
  3. Creator co
  4. Upfluence
  5. LTK
  6. Influencity 
  7. #paid
  8. Klear
  9. Post for Rent
  10. Kolsquare
  11. Find your Influence 
  12. Open Influence
  13. BrandBacker
  14. Influencer Intelligence 

What are influencer marketing platforms?

It is a software solution designed to assist brands with their influencer marketing campaigns.

What is Instagram influencer marketing?

Where brands run their influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram and make use of the social media platform’s features to drive conversions, increase reach and push engagement. 

What social media platform is best for marketing?

This is dependent on your marketing campaign goals, as each platform has different strengths. For example, if you are a B2B marketer, running your campaigns on LinkedIn will put you in front of a more business-minded audience/network. 

What are the different marketing platforms?

  1. Email marketing 
  2. Social media marketing 
  3. Content marketing
  4. Search engine optimisation marketing 
  5. Video marketing
  6. Influencer marketing
  7. Online marketplaces 
  8. Service-oriented platforms
  9. Pay-per click (PPC)
  10. All-in-one marketing 

Which platform is most used by influencers?

The top five social media platforms used by influencers are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

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