Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong

October 4th, 2018 by

We’ve all seen it, we’ve all shared them and laughed when Influencer Marketing goes wrong. Below are just a couple of examples of when brands have worked with Influencers and for whatever reason, it’s caused a laugh!

Above are just two examples of when Influencers have just copied text, thought the job was done and sent out their message. You could argue that when these mistakes happen, they create more of a buzz because of the fail, so audiences are talking about the brand…but will they be remembered for years as the most successful influencer marketing campaigns? No!

So how do you do Influencer Marketing right?

1. Choose the right influencers. It’s not easy. You want to talk to audiences in a specific way, not every influencer is suited to every brand. If an influencer has a huge following, their following might not be relevant for your brand or your products. Their followers might not be the right age, have the right interests or even be based in the right country!  Or, work with an agency like us that remove the headache of having to find influencers, who know the space inside out and have access to a global network.

2. Create something meaningful, something that audiences will enjoy and engage with naturally. Don’t try to push your message in the faces of people. People are smart, they don’t mind being sold to, but when it’s so obvious and in their face – they’ll say no!

3. As a brand, you have guidelines and boxes you need to tick, we get that. However, don’t think you know influencers audiences better than they do. These people have grown fan bases from 0, they know how to engage with people and make them listen, so let them to what they do best…talk to audiences in their own voice, introduce products and branding in their own way. They’ve spent years building this audience, so they know what fails and what works, through years of trial and error!

4. Don’t expect what you’re doing to go viral. There isn’t a science and a checklist for how things go viral. A successful campaign is something that reaches the right audience, in the right way and audiences react to it in the way you want, it doesn’t matter if your campaign didn’t get 10 million views!

5. Be organised! We always provide a campaign calendar for any activity we do. This ensures brands know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. You always know who’s accountable for what parts of the campaign and we always keep you updated. If you can’t track what’s going on, how’s the campaign going to be a success?!

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