The Power of Influencer Marketing: Fashion Edition

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Influencer marketing and fashion go together like jeans and a nice top. Social media’s popularity has boomed over the years, with over half the global population active across various platforms. Social media and influencer marketing in fashion allows brands to place themselves directly in front of their target audience, continuously engage with them and build relationships with greater ease and cost-effectiveness.

Influencer marketing fashion influencers are incredibly influential over their audiences. The fashion community and fashion influencer marketing thrive on social media due to its visual nature—it’s much easier to promote brands and garments when audiences can see the products.

Let’s delve more into the influencer marketing fashion dynamic.

 Why does fashion influencer marketing work?

Fashion influencer marketing connects audiences with pop culture and the runway in ways TVs and magazine publications couldn’t. With influencers being hailed as part of the new front row, audiences now have an access-all-areas pass inside some of the most renowned fashion brands in the world.

Influencers are enjoyable for audiences to follow and interact with. For brands, they are beneficial because their content is highly shareable, meaning brands can quickly and easily increase their reach and engage with thriving communities. 

As consumers are wary of brand-owned ads and content, influencer marketing is a great way for fashion brands to humanise their brand. Influencers have cracked the perfect way to communicate with their audiences in terms of tone of voice and type of content. When an influencer promotes your brand, their audiences begin to associate your brand with the influencer—not only humanising your brand, but bypassing the distrust of branded content. 

Influencer marketing fashion examples

Calvin Klein: #OnlyInMyCalvins

TikTok has become a highly popular influencer marketing fashion platform. Calvin Klein recently launched a Hashtag Challenge #OnlyInMyCalvins using fashion influencers. Influencers posted a TikTok relaxing or chilling in Calvin Klein garments and encouraged their audiences to share their own TikToks in their Calvins.

@luvanthony #onlyinmycalvins @calvinklein ♬ Only In My Calvins – Calvin Klein

@calvinklein Do as @Mia Wells. Make it iconic. Strike a pose. Show off your attitude #onlyinmycalvins ♬ Only In My Calvins – Calvin Klein

The hashtag has nearly 13 billion views, thanks to the influencers’ respective reaches.

HUGO: #HugoYourWay

Again on TikTok, fashion brand HUGO used influencers to create an influencer house, the HUGO House. The HUGO House was created for Coachella and was essentially a mass content creation location, and influencers posted HUGO sponsored content to their own channels that the brand repurposed and reposted.

The HUGO House piggybacked off the Coachella hype to create huge buzz around the recently re-branded fashion brand.

@sinadeinert I‘m in LA 🥳 follow me during the weekend!!! Can’t wait to attend the Hugo House in Palm Springs! @HUGO #HUGOYourWay #HUGOeyewear #sponsored #ad @Mister Spex ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

@avani HUGO HOUSE ❤️😎 @HUGO #HUGOYourWay !!! #ad ♬ original sound – avani


How are fashion brands using influencers?

Influencer marketing fashion brands use influencers in various ways. Within high-street fashion, the most popular way brands use influencer marketing is to create sponsored posts promoting products currently available to purchase—PLT and Boohoo regularly use this method.

Within luxury fashion, fashion brands have begun using Gen Z fashion influencers within their campaigns and as brand ambassadors. The most prominent example of this is Emma Chamberlain and Louis Vuitton. Emma and the brand have worked closely together for the past couple of years, with the influencer regularly wearing the brand at huge fashion events (the Fashion Weeks and the Met Gala), and has been featured in major fashion publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar on behalf of the brand.

Who is the biggest fashion influencer?

The biggest influencer in fashion is Chiara Ferragni, AKA The Blonde Salad. With nearly 30 million Instagram followers, Chiara has crossed the threshold from influencer to celebrity. Not only does she now have her own Amazon Prime series, but she is regularly invited to top fashion events and shows, including the esteemed Met Gala.


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A post shared by Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni)

Why is influencer marketing important in the fashion industry?

Influencer marketing and the fashion industry are closely entwined. Due to the highly competitive nature of the fashion industry, the influencer marketing fashion dynamic allows brands to directly target engaged audiences, helping them stand out from the crowd.

Fashion is led by trends, and fashion influencers live and breathe by these. Fashion influencers not only follow trends, but have begun setting them as seen with the rise of “cores”.

It’s incredibly important to get influencer marketing right first try. This is why working with an influencer marketing agency is highly recommended—a failed attempt can be detrimental to your brand’s reputation.

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