Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples for Valentines Day

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Donned the cupid of priests, Saint Valentine earned his title by secretly marrying young lovers in a time when Emperor Claudius II forbade it. 

Fast forward a few thousand years to 1382 and Geoffrey Chaucer becomes the first poet to associate Valentine’s Day with romance, in his work ‘Parlement of Fowls’. This is the very Valentine’s Day we know of and celebrate today, all these years later. 

Of course, a modern Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some kind of influencer marketing involvement and brands who have recognised the importance of digitally celebrating this day have been those who’ve made serious bucks. 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here are some influencer marketing campaign examples that brands have run in the past to ensure their customers really feel the love on this special day. 

Influencer marketing 101

What are the benefits of running an influencer marketing campaign?

1) Immediately establishing trustworthiness

A survey headed by Nielsen shows that 92% of consumers are more likely to trust personal recommendations over advertisements. Running an influencer campaign ensures that these recommendations are coming from key opinion leaders (KOLs) or influencers (often experts in their field) and reaching their loyal followers who are ready to listen to whatever they have to say.

2) Expanding communication reach

These campaigns are all about word-of-mouth marketing. Nowadays, people would rather hear what their favourite influencer has to recommend, over something a brand is pushing to sell them. 

The communication reach of your marketing is expanded through influencer marketing campaigns. By strategically partnering with the right influencer, you can gain global exposure and accelerate business growth.

3) Targeting audiences for high-quality leads

You can have the best marketing campaign out there, but if it isn’t reaching the right audience, then all that advertising money could potentially go to waste. 

Collaborating with influencers will put your campaign before a relevant audience, because you already know your motivations are aligned. They’ve already done the hard work by engaging with a niche audience and creating a community around a specific interest.

4) Building brand awareness

Most influencers are the driving force behind the next wave of trends and hot topics. Involving these influencers in your next campaign has the potential to skyrocket your brand into the realm of being recognised nationally and internationally.

Not only can influencers boost brand awareness for potential customers, but they can also aid your visibility to other brands. Depending on the type of campaign you run with your influencer, this might pique the interest of other companies and publications and may cause them to feature your business in organic press and/or social placements. 

What makes for a stand-out campaign?

We’re certain you have come across hundreds of influencer marketing campaign examples in your time, but think about how many have truly stood out to you that you can remember off the top of your head. 

To ensure that you have one of the stand-out campaigns, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Be clear with influencers – be clear of the campaign goals and messaging before approaching any influencer. Influencer contracts are usually the best way to lay out campaign requirements, messages, do’s, don’ts, and other campaign-related information. 
  2. Make it long-term – if you are dedicated to finding the right influencers, your brand will be represented by people who truly love your product/service. If it’s a great partnership, then the influencer will become a lifelong fan and ambassador. This will be beneficial for future endeavours. 
  3. Provide writing angles – you can always pitch ideas on how you want your campaign to run, but, ultimately, influencers know what content interests their audience. In your influencer contract, provide writing angles to get the creative juices flowing, but, from there, the influencer should be able to create freely. 
  4. Diversify partnerships – this way you will reach more people from various demographics.
  5. Create digital events – create events where your influencer and their audience can interact with each other. In doing so, it will strengthen their trust and loyalty which will translate into brand loyalty.
  6. Mix platforms – mixing platforms and the content your influencers provide on each one helps you stay at the top of the latest trends and gets your content in front of their audiences where they’re at.

Influencer marketing campaign examples

Whittling examples of influencer marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day down to just a handful is an impossible task, so the following list has been devised according to those which have reaped the best results. 

Influencer marketing campaign example #1: Deliveroo

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, no one does it quite like Deliveroo. As far as influencer marketing campaign examples go, Deliveroo’s exude comedy, irony and sarcasm; perfect for the Valentine’s Day critics. 

In 2020, Deliveroo and KFC Singapore came together and united foodies by combining the KFC bucket with limited-edition love rings made of clay and sporting a KFC bucket of chicken with the Deliveroo logo on top of it. The rings were handed out to anyone who pre-ordered a KFC Valentine’s Day Combo. 

Influencer marketing campaign example #1 Deliveroo

Influencer marketing campaign example #2: Deliveroo 

The influencer marketing campaign examples from Deliveroo don’t stop there. In 2021, Deliveroo partnered with Tinder for a Valentine’s dating service which printed the profiles of 30 local, single people on food deliveries. 

The initiative came after Tinder reported an 84% increase year on year in user bios featuring the word ‘takeaway’. 

Customers opted in to the ‘DeliverDate’ service, meaning they would receive QR codes for the six Tinder profiles printed on their box. Over 1,000 boxes were printed and sent out from 5 different Wingstop restaurant locations over the 13th & 14th February.


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Influencer marketing campaign example #3: Frankie and Benny

For this year’s Valentine’s Day campaign, Frankie and Benny’s partnered with 6 singletons looking for love; 2 of them being influencers Chloe Veitch and James Lock. 

These top-tier dates were stationed at three different Frankie and Benny’s locations and customers who stopped by had the opportunity to experience a dinner date with one of them. 

This campaign boosted the brand’s visibility and created a call-to-action which boosted customer engagement.


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In short, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about capturing the hearts of other human beings, but also about letting brands capture yours. 


What is an influencer marketing campaign? 

An influencer marketing campaign sees brands leverage the influence that social media influencers have over their audience, to promote their products/services.

What makes a great influencer marketing campaign?

  1. Be clear with influencers
  2. Make your partnerships long-term
  3. Provide writing angles for your influencers
  4. Diversify partnerships
  5. Create digital events
  6. Mix platforms

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