The Importance of Influencer Marketing

April 28th, 2022 by

Influencer marketing has become an increasingly popular way of marketing, with more and more individuals wanting to become an influencer each day. Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to get your brand and products known, but what is the importance of influencer marketing you may ask?

With consumers moving to a digital world, the importance of influencer marketing is key. Already existing in the digital world, consumers have a strong preference for online commerce, meaning having an influencer marketing strategy will allow you to tap into the digital sphere and reach a wide range of consumers. With a strong influencer marketing strategy, influencers can work online to promote your brand and its products, meaning it’s vital that brands seek help from an influencer marketing agency, helping brands create and execute an influencer marketing campaign.

Now we’ve covered the beginning of the importance of influencer marketing, you might be wondering what an influencer marketing agency is and how they work. An influencer marketing agency is an agency that specializes in creating campaigns that will be carried out by influencers. No campaign will ever be the same as there are different types of influencer marketing—some campaigns are executed on a micro scale, some are gifted, whilst others can be global and result in heaps of user-generated content. Offering different influencer marketing services, an influencer marketing agency taps into a variety of influencer marketing trends, such

as using TikTok’s native features of soundbites, trends and much more. With a wide range of options and influencers, there are so many benefits of influencer marketing, showing the importance of influencer marketing once again.

One of the benefits of influencer marketing is influencer marketing statistics and the results possible from participating in a campaign. With influencers being a brand’s content production, they create native ads that resonate better with consumers, enhancing consumer conversion and leading to an increase in sales. Influencer marketing results in a higher conversion rate, producing a high and successful statistic, once again, showing the importance of influencer marketing. Analysts can then identify the best performing influencer content and turn it into a paid ad, targeting a specific group and resulting in more conversion and sales. As well as a high conversion statistic, there is an increased engagement rate, as influencer marketing is perceived as more authentic, reflecting the importance of influencer marketing.

With great influencer marketing statistics everywhere, it’s important to remember that in 2010, only celebrities had the influencer status, showing how far influencer marketing has come. An influencer can now be anyone, with a range of different passion points to tap into, there is a role for everyone in the influencer marketing world. But to become an influencer or adopt an influencer marketing strategy, you need to understand best practices of influencer marketing. The most important influencer marketing best practice is selecting an influencer that aligns with your brand and with an audience that are likely to purchase your products/relate to your products. With this best practice for influencer marketing, brands are set for success.

As well as the benefit of a high conversion rate when using influencer marketing for specific campaigns, influencer marketing also helps to improve credibility and trust. Having strong partnerships with influencers enables audiences to trust your products, as they trust the influencer’s opinion. Having relevant influencers strengthens brand reputation and supports credibility, again showing the importance of influencer marketing.

Another benefit of influencer marketing is that brands have the ability to revamp their content strategy, producing relevant content that engages their audience in a new way. Influencer marketing enables interesting and varied content, creating specific content for followers. By producing specific content for followers, this can result in user generated content, which is content produced by your followers and it is a growing trend that all brands should be taking advantage of. User generated content is the reason that 31% of marketers engage in influencer marketing, with UGC increasing over time and brands using the content as more engaging testimonials.

Brands that are welcoming influencer marketing and adapting their strategy to implement influencer marketing are the brands that are getting known, moving with the advancing nature of technology. The brands that aren’t tapping into influencer marketing will miss out and lose their voice. The past few years, especially with the pandemic, have rewarded brands with fantastic growth opportunities but those that aren’t taking them will feel the lag already. With influencer marketing already being popular, there is so much more to come.

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