How to Shape Your Linkedin Marketing Strategy

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LinkedIn is a social platform primarily used for business networking. When considering a marketing strategy, many brands do not use or consider LinkedIn as a possibility. However, LinkedIn is a favoured social network for those who operate in the B2B sector. Many successful professionals and visionary thinkers use the platform and have become LinkedIn influencers, or “LinkedInfluencers”. 

Similar to many other social platforms, LinkedIn has an algorithm that you’ll need to master for your linkedin marketing strategy to be successful. The AI bot used checks to see if your content is spam, so it’s generally best practice to only share high-quality content on LinkedIn. From here, our post is seeded to a small audience to see if they engage with the initial audience. If little interest is shown, it is unlikely the post will be shown to many others. If the post does well, the algorithm will complete more checks to ensure the post isn’t spam and will then widen the circle of accounts to whom they will share the post. After this, LinkedIn users can decide whether they want to share the post further. 

So, what are the steps your brand can take to ensure a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy?

The goals for your LinkedIn digital marketing strategy need to be specific, just as they do for other social platforms. The approach and LinkedIn influencers you choose will be dependent on your overarching goals. These may be to build brand awareness, generate leads, engage audience members or simply sell your product or service. 

Your brand’s owned LinkedIn page needs to be captivating and include your logo, website link, company size, industry and other details. Having a full, completed LinkedIn page is significantly more appealing to audiences than half-completed ones. Your description should summarise your brand’s values and goals, and potentially end with a call to action. This reinforces your credibility and professionalism. 

What works for your audience on Instagram won’t work for your audience on LinkedIn. You need to be able to provide content for your current audience and your target one. Should you choose to use influencer marketing on LinkedIn, you need to pick someone relevant within your industry, for example a specific marketing influencer on LinkedIn. LinkedIn hosts many thought leaders that are well known within business communities, and to find these you can search key terms related to your business. To engage with them, you should always send a personalised connection message. 

LinkedIn offers ads to businesses, however these can be very expensive, so should be used as a final push rather than be the main strategy. However, sponsoring posts does always increase reach and awareness, even if it does not convert users to followers. 

The content you create needs to me interesting, informative and engaging. Examples of these can be Industry Trends, How-To articles, Thought Leadership articles or images and videos. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, so all content needs to be produced to an excellent standard so more people will be enticed to re-share.

As always, you need to be able to measure your LinkedIn marketing strategy with key metrics to see your ROI. If you work in B2B, these sales have longer cycles so you will need to wait longer before you measure results than B2C sales. To decide on which metrics to measure, you should circle back to your overarching goal, and see which are most relevant: follower count, engagement rate, reach etc.

The Takeouts

LinkedIn marketing strategies take more time and effort than other social media marketing strategies, but the rewards can be worth it. LinkedIn marketing is a relatively new strategy, so you need a solid, clear understanding of what you really want to achieve for your brand. 

Using LinkedIn influencer marketing can be a great tactic for B2B companies, as it uses real life professionals and thought leaders. Having influential business leaders praising your brand can convince prospective clients and establish your brand as an expert. These influencers can amplify the reach of your content and make people aware of your products or services. 

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