How to Find Trending Sounds on Instagram Reels

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When TikTok began TikTok-ifying the internet, Instagram responded with its own competition: Reels. Instagram first debuted the short-form video format in 2019, but it didn’t roll out to all audiences and users until 2020. 

The premise of Instagram Reels is the same as TikTok: short, entertaining videos that are easy to consume. One of the key differences is that it can be difficult to find trending sounds on Instagram Reels. Luckily for you, we’ve figured out how to find trending sounds on Instagram Reels, helping you create top performing trending Reels. 

How to find trending audio on Instagram

The “Audio” tab within the Explore Page

Discovering trending Reels sounds on Instagram Reels has become significantly easier thanks to the introduction of the Audio tab within the Explore page. While this doesn’t show you the exact list of trending Reels sounds, it does give you a space to search for a relevant topic and sounds within that niche that are being used most frequently. 

Use the “Music” sticker

If you just want to see what general trending sounds on Instagram Reels, you can take a random picture on your Story, and click through to the Music sticker. It will show you two tabs—one recommended for you, and the other to browse. 

Clicking on Browse will show you the sounds currently being used, and how many times they have been used. It’s safe to assume the ones that have been used the most are trending, or have trended recently. To help you out even more, the Instagram Reels audios with grey arrows next to the artist’s name are rapidly being used. 

Use the Music sticker

Use the Creator’s Trend Report 

The official Instagram Creators page (very helpfully) posts weekly Reels Trend Reports, recounting the trends just taking off on the platform. They also have a newly-introduced Stories Highlights dedicated to trending sounds called IG Anthems

Because these Instagram Reel audio trends are still rising for the week, you have time to jump on them before they’re no longer in the spotlight. 


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Check out popular Instagram creators

One of the reasons that Instagram creators are so popular is because they know how to stay up to date with trends. By keeping an eye on the content posted by relevant influencers within your niche, you can find an idea you can adapt to make it relevant to your content and audience. 

Make sure to not directly imitate what someone else has created, but if you notice a popular sound and template combination, make it your own. 

You can find popular Reels content by searching on creators’ pages, or by scrolling through your Feed and taking note of Recommended content. 

Keep an eye on TikTok sounds

The overlap between TikTok trending sounds and trending Reels audio is huge. If something is trending on TikTok, you can almost guarantee that it’ll have made it to Reels by the next week. This isn’t limited to music, but also funny soundbites. 

Trending Reels sound bites are a little harder to find, but you can always save the sound from TikTok yourself, and upload it as an original sound, and if it’s already on Instagram, the app will automatically add it to the first sound bite uploaded. Technology, eh! 

Browse Spotify playlists

Most trending audio sounds on Reels are related to new music releases. Some Spotify users have created dedicated playlists to trending sounds they like and discovered on Instagram Reels. They might not contain the most up-to-date Instagram trending audios, but it could be helpful for creating evergreen Instagram Reels. 

Follow Trending Reels accounts

There are hundreds of Instagram accounts out there dedicated to posting the upcoming and most trending Instagram Reels sounds. 

Not only do these accounts show you the latest trending sounds, but they’ll even show trending templates, and give you tutorials for trending Reels transitions, and timings. 

Using Trending Reels audios

Now you know how to find trending sounds on Instagram Reels, it’s time to put them into practice. Using trending sounds on Instagram Reels is beneficial for a number of reasons. Let’s get into them!

When you use a trending Reels sound, you have the chance to increase your views drastically. Using a trending Reels audio will mean your video is flagged by the Reels algorithm and promoted as Recommended content in the Instagram feed, and it will also be more likely to be shown in the Reels feed too. 

In addition, using popular Reels sounds shows your cultural relevance on the platform. If there is a trend prominent within your niche, jumping on it shows you understand your audience and their content/entertainment needs. It’s something as small as this that can put you ahead of your competitors. 

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