How to find the right creators for your influencer marketing campaign

October 9th, 2020 by

When you are looking to partner with one or several creators for the purposes of influencer marketing services or influencer marketing case studies, you will naturally need to ensure they are a good match to your brand and the ambitions you have for your upcoming campaign. 

Unfortunately, too many organisations in this position attempt to make such decisions on the basis of initial instinct alone. Or they might place too great an emphasis on creators with high follower counts or a certain national or international profile, without adequately accounting for other factors.

So, what questions will most assist you in your efforts to select only creators that are well-aligned with your brand, circumstances and ambitions – and therefore advantageously placed to help bring you results from influencer marketing?

Is there synergy between your and their brand? 

It’s important to remember that creators on social media channels are brands in themselves, and will have invested time and effort into building that brand through the communication of their own personality and niche. It is not, therefore, in the interests of either of you to risk damaging your respective brands by entering into a poorly matched partnership. 

When you are assessing the merits of a particular creator and their social media services, ask yourself whether their brand and messaging is similar to that of your own organisation. Doing so will help you to choose a creator that is well-attuned to the needs and expectations of your sector and can genuinely help to cultivate interest in your brand from the right audiences.

How engaging is their content?


This is a more complicated question than might initially seem to be the case for many brands that use social media for small or niche businesses. One thing you shouldn’t do is be so guided by a given creator’s follower numbers that you overlook highly suitable alternative creators that may actually attract more engagement from the right people. 

This is not to suggest that follower count will necessarily be irrelevant to your search for suitable creators. If your main priority is to reach as many people as possible through your influencer marketing, macro creators – those with larger followings like top makeup influencers – may be very good targets for partnerships. 

Micro creators, however, often have smaller but also more dedicated audiences who may be likelier to purchase from you than the followers of the typical macro creator. Nor should you assess a particular creator’s engagement rate solely on the basis of ‘vanity metrics’ such as follower count or ‘likes’ for their posts, as deeper metrics such as shares merit careful consideration, too.

Is the content itself of a high quality and suitable for your brand? 

It’s also not a good idea to look at the social media services’ performance of a particular creator’s content purely in terms of follows, ‘likes’ and shares. That’s because you should ask yourself whether the actual content the creator generates for your brand impresses you and seems to fit in well with what your brand stands for and what your own audience expects. 

Well-judged partnerships between brands and creators can be integral to ensuring the desired results are attained from good social media services and influencer marketing campaigns. Enquire to the Socially Powerful team today, and we’ll advise you on how we can help you to build fruitful relationships with leading creators of genuine relevance to your sector.

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