How Jaguar Amplified The Launch Of The I-PACE On Social

September 27th, 2019 by

It might seem a little strange that luxury car manufacturers should decide to reach out to a younger audience, but that’s exactly what Jaguar did in 2018. The #JAGUARELECTRIFIES campaign, as you’ll be able to tell from the globally synonymous #, was launched on social media as the prominent British multinational company looked to make the most from its media platforms. Here’s a quick guide to how it achieved this, (and how well the campaign was pulled off!).


The I-Pace Concept

Essentially, Jaguar came to the decision that it was time to reposition itself in the market. Keen to tap into a younger audience, thereby securing loyal customers for a lifetime, Jaguar designed the I-PACE – its first all-electric SUV. However, simply having a uniquely-designed, sustainable electric vehicle on its already impressive production line wasn’t going to be enough to tap into the new audience – Jaguar needed a strategy.

A report had uncovered that an astonishing 70% of car buyers who regularly use YouTube openly believe that videos have an enormous impact on their final purchasing decisions. Naturally, this incredible statistic wasn’t only picked up by Jaguar, but many other manufacturers too, but the British manufacturer certainly focused on tapping into this notable potential.

The Campaign And The Content

#JAGUARELECTRIFIES was launched across all major social platforms, with a particular focus on YouTube content in the form of promotional videos and influencer marketing reviews. To ensure Jaguar tapped into the right audience, well-known influencers such as Jim Chapman were engaged to test-drive, review, and simply enjoy the Jaguar I-PACE in a variety of settings (Chapman actually went to the Arctic Circle to see the I-PACE compete in the Arctic Circle Challenge).

At around 30 years old, Chapman was the ideal individual to help Jaguar tap into the intended market, and many other influencers involved were around the same age. However, the campaign was more than simply picking people of a certain age. Chapman and Co also highlighted the key eco-friendly element of the electric cars, spread consumer awareness and compelled people to do their own research into the I-PACE too. Effectively, each influencer delivered their own version of an online auto show on behalf of Jaguar.

The Impact And The Results

The #JAGUARELECTRIFIES hashtag is still being used across social media platforms today and has been published tens of thousands of times across various channels. However, by employing influencers like Jim Chapman to highlight the launch of the I-PACE, Jaguar was able to tap into millions more.  Since the launch of the I-PACE, Jaguar has continued: “to be encouraged by the market response to this incredible vehicle.”

Although overall Jaguar sales overall have fallen, this is offset by a decline in the market in Asia – while sales in both the UK and US have steadily risen. The I-PACE recently achieved a historic hat-trick of awards – the 2019 World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year, and World Green Car of the year. No doubt Jaguar will be employing influencers again in the near future, as they continue to spread the word – and vision – of these latest incredible achievements.

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