How Influencer Marketing is Changing: Find and Develop Your Strategy

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We live in a time where the majority of the world is restricted to staying at home, so it comes as no surprise that people are using social media more than ever before. For this reason, influencer marketing agency are becoming high in demand as people rely more on social media for information and entertainment. Since the start of 2020, marketers and businesses have been constantly evolving and adapting to the new changes in society, which underlines that influencer marketing is changing. As there is no sign of the coronavirus going away any time soon, the changes that we have seen to influence marketing strategies may be permanent. 

Brands and marketers are now faced with the challenge of altering their approach to influencer marketing by completely transitioning their products and services online. This is a new way of working for some brands, which heightens the fact that not all marketers are fully aware of how to utilise influencer marketing services in the right way. 

Are you a business owner who is unsure of the best ways to make use of influencer marketing in the face of the pandemic? We have created a guide for you to better understand how influencer marketing is changing in our new reality.

How Influencer Marketing is Changing

Influencers and brands are adapting to COVID-19

The strict coronavirus rules that have been put in place to keep society safe means that the standard ways in which influencers work have been compromised. This means that public events, international travel and face-to-face meetings are cancelled until further notice. Influencers have had to come up with new ways of earning a living and promoting different brands. Some influencers are relying heavily on video-based influencer marketing platforms such as YouTube, as making videos from home is an appropriate way to safely engage with audiences. 

Brands are giving influencers more authority  

Marketers are becoming more trusting of influencers to produce content in their own unique ways. Brands that collaborate with influencers are making the most of influencers’ honesty and credibility, allowing them to use their passion for brands’ products and services to appeal to target audiences. Brands no longer have complete ownership of their marketing campaigns in the sense that the influencers they partner with do not need to completely follow brand requirements.

Nowadays, influencers are able to produce the content they wish to release online, with their originality and authenticity increasing a brand’s product sales. In the midst of a pandemic, giving influencers more authority in marketing campaigns allows for effective communication between marketers and influencers. 

Brands care less about follower numbers 

It was not too long ago that brands prioritised an influencer’s large following when searching for the perfect influencer for their campaigns. Influencer marketing development means that as social media becomes more prominent in society, brands are understanding which influencer marketing strategy works best for them. 

These days, brands have realised that influencers with the highest engagement rates don’t necessarily have colossal followings. Instead, influencers with smaller followings are known to have more personable and impactful relationships with their audiences. The most established commercial brands are integrating non-celebrity influencers into their campaigns, favouring influencers with less than 100,000 followers on a social media platform. 

Brands and influencers are building online communities 

Most influencers have a strong and devoted fan base, so actively engaging with audiences is a must. As most people are staying indoors, social interaction and communication is required on social media. For brands and influencers alike, responding to comments and emails shows that you care about the needs of your target audience. As a business owner, following and supporting other brands and influencers within your niche is central to influencer marketing evolution. Building a community of influencers and brands shows that you are dedicated to the industry and that you embrace healthy competition. 

Marketing campaigns have a narrative 

The best marketing campaigns tell a story to their audiences which shows how influencer marketing is changing. Merely promoting a product or service no longer creates soaring engagement rates. One of the best ways to captivate your desired demographic is to take them on a journey through storytelling. Therefore, you must think about the plot, language, tone, voice, as well as the goals for your content in order to entice your demographic.

To Conclude…

It may be overwhelming to adapt to the changes of influencer marketing in a pandemic, but there are many methods that influencers and marketers have adopted that increases product sales and user engagement. Following the above steps will bring you closer to achieving your marketing strategy goals.

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