How Gaming Brands can use Affiliate Influencers

February 26th, 2021 by

The mobile gaming industry grew dramatically throughout the pandemic and is now worth over half the total gaming industry, estimated at $85 billion. Considering the sheer size of the market, how can brands use affiliate influencers to ensure they keep or gain market share?

What is Gaming Affiliate Influencer Marketing ? 

Affiliate marketing is a process used by brands that allows influencers to gain commission by promoting their products. Generally, an influencer earns commission from click-throughs, sales or downloads generated from the promotion. Influencers are provided with a specific link (affiliate) that offers their followers special deals, sales or items. 

Within the gaming scene, there are various ways brands can use affiliate marketing to their advantage. The gaming audience responds well to brand partnerships and sponsorships, meaning mobile gaming brands have plenty of opportunities to use affiliate influencer marketing. This is beneficial as the gaming market is incredibly saturated and one of the main issues game developers face is discovery.  

The appealing aspect of affiliate influencer marketing is that any gaming brand can use it – whether it’s a gaming company or gaming accessories brand. It’s significantly cheaper than traditional influencer marketing as influencers have to work for their commissions. This means that influencers will be willing to go further and put more effort into ensuring their followers click through and download or purchase from their link. In addition, it can be used on any social platform that allows access to links.

Consumers have begun to use social media as a database, and generally use it to find out more information about a brand or product. By using popular influencers in the gaming community to share affiliate links to download a mobile game, you are making a customer journey. The majority of consumers research and make purchases on their smartphones; by providing a direct link from someone they support you are enticing them to make a purchase or download.

The content influencers make to share affiliate codes can be more natural than traditional influencer marketing. This means more content can be shared as it’s quicker to create. Considering it’s a win-win for brands and influencers, brands need to be able to entice influencers to go above and beyond agreed contracts. To do so, they should consider developing an affiliate loyalty scheme.

Affiliate Loyalty Schemes for Gaming Brands

 A loyalty and reward scheme from a brand could offer the influencer different rewards for achieving different levels. For example, Level One could be achieving 12,000 views and X downloads, and the influencer is rewarded with a shoutout on a brand’s official Instagram. Level Two is 15,000 views and Y downloads with a reward of access to free skins.

The number of levels your brand decides to have depends on your expectations of influencer content, consumer engagement and budget. Each level has to be a bigger reward, enough so that influencers will try and amplify their content to achieve it. Other rewards could be store credit, exclusive badges or tickets to esports events.

By providing these rewards, you are not only increasing your reach for the current influencer activity but enticing influencers to work with you again in the future. By having repeated partnerships with the same influencers, you are building an authentic relationship between brand and influencer. This means that consumers will see the collaborations and perceive it as authentic and genuine.

Key Takeouts

Using affiliate influencers is a quick and cheap way to drive downloads or sales. Creating supporting content for affiliate links is quicker and easier than perfectly curated content, and affiliate links can be shared on any social media platform. This instantly increases the available reach of influencer activity. 

To ensure all content created is amplified to the maximum, brands should consider creating a loyalty program. The program will offer rewards for influencers when they reach certain requirement levels, which will entice them to go above and beyond agreed content contracts. In addition, the loyalty program will keep influencers coming back to your brand for partnerships as there is something exclusive they can win that other brands don’t offer. Continuous collaborations with influencers creates a relationship between brand and influencer, which keeps the trust of consumers as it is authentic.

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