Friday Night TikTok Takeaway

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A little under two decades ago, restaurant-quality meal deliveries were pretty much limited to foods like pizza and chinese takeaway. Today, we seem to have more food options than time in the day to eat them all and that is why the food delivery global market sits at a whopping $150 billion; having more than tripled since 2017. 

Giants such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats are all household names by now and have transformed the accessibility of high-quality restaurant food. But there is a new kid on the block whose presence might just shock some of you.


More specifically, TikTok shop. 

Yes, the app’s feature that allows you to purchase the same jewellery or gadgets as your favourite creators has expanded into the culinary world and placed restaurants on a nationwide stage ready to take orders from the app’s users. 

As of last month, UK residents will now be able to watch somebody doing a viral dance on their For You-page and order a spaghetti carbonara within the next swipe up. We know, it’s crazy. 

Friday Night TikTok Takeaway

It is no secret that the FoodTok hashtag on the app is incredibly sought after; and rightfully so, food is life. Garnering millions of views every day, this has become a space not only for aspiring chefs and foodies to share their passion for food, but also for restaurants to market their food to an already existing audience of food lovers.

The emergence of eCommerce TikTok Lives has spilled over into the culinary industry. Food retailers are now able to partner with creators on the app to run live streams within which their products are promoted. This also is a great way to get the #FoodTok community involved, as it grants them access to discounts and the content they love, all while driving sales for the brand. 

tiktok shop

This certainly presents itself as an exciting opportunity to change the face of modern retail and the culinary industry, however we still need a bit more time to digest this one.

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