Facebook May Add A Separate News Tab To Promote High Quality, Trusted Content

June 4th, 2019 by

How Has The News Landscape Changed?

It is a known fact, that when it comes to updating ourselves on the daily news, we no longer go directly to the main news broadcasting pages. Now, a high percentage of millennial’s and even older users of social networking sites, naturally use Facebook as their main news informant. Never mind looking at a newspaper anymore, our daily dose of news is at the touch of our fingertips, but unfortunately, the integrity of this news is what we tend to question. How reliable is it? Where does it come from? And who has written it?

How Have Facebook Responded To The Rising Problem Of Fake News?

It is a given, that with every bit of journalism, comes misinterpretation, exaggerated statements and a loss of credibility but ever since Trump’s 2016 elections, Facebook has received the main heat of it all. Now, with ‘fake news’ becoming more of an issue, Facebook has decided to add a separate news tab, in the hope of promoting ‘high quality and trusted content’. However, this is not the first time that Facebook has tried to make changes to ‘fake news’ issues. In 2016, Facebook began rolling out a new tool that was designed to prevent the spread of misinformation after being accused of promoting false news in order to support Trumps election. As a response to negative press, fact-checking groups were set up to identify stories that were fake. Now, three years later and Facebook is yet to find a solution to eradicate ‘fake news’, so perhaps this new separate ‘news tab’ could be the key.

 What Are The Possible Outcomes And Benefits Of Facebook’s News Tab?

Of course, the question that many are asking is ‘What are the outcomes of this new system?’. As the most popular social networking platform in the world, Facebook is bound to face intense criticism about its reliability. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg is adamant that there are many great benefits with the new creation of this ‘News Tab’; stating ‘’that just like the ‘Facebook Watch’ video tab, there really is an opportunity to do something with news’’.

 For us, we don’t see why this would not work. The main benefit for all Facebook users is that our Facebook feeds will no longer be clogged up with news articles that may not be of interest to us. Instead, the tab will bring a re-focus on personal connections between its users by segregating news articles. For the 43% of adults who use the app as a gateway to receive news, the benefit for them, is that news articles will now be isolated, making articles easier to find and follow. Although there has been no mention of when this will become a global feature, it is possible that if Facebook can maintain a clean and reliable source of news, social networking sites such as Twitter could be facing a lot of competition.

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