How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Simple Steps

January 31st, 2022 by

Facebook Business Pages are an excellent way for businesses to post updates, and share contact information and content with Facebook audiences and customers. This public Facebook account can be used by brands, organizations, public figures and artists. Here are 5 simple steps that show you how to set up a  Facebook Business Page.

Step 1: Create a Page 

It’s important to note that you must have a personal Facebook page before you can create a business page, so before starting make sure you’re all signed-in. Once logged in, find the left-hand menu and choose Pages>Create New Page which will launch the Page creator within Facebook.

Create a cool, innovative page name and choose up to three categories before typing in a brief description that explains your business to viewers. You can also talk about what service the business provides or the purpose of the Page, however, you do have to keep this under 255 characters.

Step 2: Add Images

The next step is to upload both profile and cover images for the page. This helps to create a good first impression to customers both new and old that come across your page. It’s great if the pictures chosen make your business easily identifiable, stand out and align with the brand identity. Usually, a logo is the best bet if you have a recognizable brand but for public figures or celebrities it’s better to opt for a picture of your face. It’s also important to ensure the picture is of a high quality and the right aspect ratio for the page, usually profile pictures are 170 x 170.

Step 3: Choose a username and assign CTA

Once you have completed Step 2, the Facebook Business Page dashboard will load, giving you multiple options to help manage your Page. Here, you will be able to create a username allowing people to easily find you, this will also make up your business URL. Using the +Add Action Button you can also add a CTA to your page. Facebook gives a variety of different CTA options e.g. More to Contact Us and Shop Now to Learn.

Step 4: Edit your Facebook Business Page Info

After you have set a username and CTA, click More>About in the main menu: this will send you to Page Info. This is another thing you should edit as it allows visitors to learn more about your business. In order to update this information, click Edit Page Info in the top right corner. The most important fields to focus on are Location – by adding your business address will help visitors know where to find you, and this is especially important if you are a local business. Hours—businesses should also ensure that they input their shop opening, which is vital if you are a brick and mortar business. Lastly, you should make sure to include additional contact information including: your website, phone number and email which will enable visitors to contact you outside of facebook. This also helps to drive more Facebook traffic to your website and products.

Step 5: Understand your Page settings

The best advice for setting up a Facebook Business Page is to learn about all of the different settings. The more familiar you are with the different page options available, the easier it will be to navigate the page and also stay on top of any updates. Here are a few core settings that are important to know: 

  1. General > Others Tagging this Page: checking this option will allow others to post about and share your page to help increase Facebook engagement and drive new visitors to your business page. 
  2. General > Similar Page Suggestions: checking this will allow Facebook to recommend your page to new users. 
  3. Templates and Tabs: This is where you can rearrange the menu on your page.
  4. Notifications: This allows you to customize your Page alerts by changing when and how you’d like to receive them. It also helps to customize it in a way that syncs to your social media marketing schedule. 

It is also helpful to keep up to date with your Facebook Business Page’s activity and growth by familiarizing yourself with the insights, these can be found on the left-hand menu. The insights page allows you to monitor those who engage with your content and will in turn, help understand the best times to post on Facebook. 

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