Top 10 Facebook Best Practices for your Business in 2023

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Facebook allows more than 80 million businesses to potentially connect with over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s a lot of people. 74% of all Facebook users follow at least one business and Facebook users are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow on Facebook than any other platform. 

Following Facebook best practices will help your business stand out from the rest of the 80 million on the platform. Brands that aren’t making the most of Facebook best practices in 2022 won’t be reaping the most rewards possible. 

In this blog we will cover the top Facebook Business best practices, Facebook video best practices and Facebook ads best practices. 

Facebook Business best practices

Facebook has been a go-to for businesses to reach their target audiences for years. Facebook is constantly evolving the analytics and measurement tools offered to brands to ensure a more effective experience. 

Use Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows businesses to manage multiple Facebook Pages, business assets and ad accounts in addition to Instagram accounts and product catalogs. It is a place where you can manage all of your Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising activities. 

Use Facebook hashtags

Using hashtags on Facebook makes your content easier to discover. By using relevant hashtags to your niche and audience, you can be discovered by a relevant audience. Using trending Facebook hashtags will put your content in front of a wider audience.

Use Facebook Stories

Using Facebook Stories allows brands to “skip the line” of the Facebook algorithm. The Facebook algorithm is notoriously tricky to navigate, but Stories are located in a prime position to be seen by Facebook users. Finding the best time to post on Facebook Stories will remind Facebook users of your brand, offerings and campaigns.

Use Facebook influencer marketing

Facebook influencers give your brand a higher chance of being seen by an audience that is interested in the product or service. Furthermore, this audience is more likely to trust a recommendation from an influencer they like than from the brand itself.

Facebook Video best practices

Video has become one of the most popular content formats available and is one of the best Facebook trends out there. Consumers are watching more and more bite-sized videos and the engagement rate is higher. The top Facebook best practices in 2021 for video content are: 

Make sure your video is the right size

The recommended size for a Facebook video post is at least 1080 x 1080 pixels. The ratios should be 1:1 (for desktop or mobile) or 9:16 (for mobile only). 

The recommended size for Facebook Story video content is 1080×1920 px as Stories take up the whole page. 

Use sound and captions

By using sound and captioning your Facebook video, you are making your video content accessible to more people. Some listen with sound, but others who are hard of hearing or not in a sound-safe environment can also enjoy it. 

Don’t be offensive

This goes for any type of content, but specifically video content. Being offensive or misleading will go against Facebook’s guidelines and your video will be removed from the platform. 

Facebook ads best practices

Facebook marketing is incredibly efficient. The platform allows businesses to guarantee relevant Facebook engagement from the exact audiences they want to target. As with any form of paid advertising, it can often be the case of trial and error to find out what really works for you. However, these Facebook ads best practices are a good place to start. 

Keep it targeted and relevant

While Facebook ads can increase your reach exponentially, it is important to keep your content targeted and relevant to your target audience. This way, you can guarantee you have done what you can to pull new audiences in.

Make it visually appealing

This is one of the most important Facebook creative best practices. The more visually appealing your ad, the more people will stop and look at it. The more time users spend looking at your ad, the more likely they are to take action from it

Include a call to action

With all ads you create, you need to remind viewers they need to take action. This could be asking them to follow you, like, comment, share or click a link


What are the best practices for posting on Facebook?

The top 5 Facebook best practices are: 

  1. Use the correct size Facebook banner and Facebook profile picture
  2. Claim a URL relevant to your business
  3. Utilise a “Call to Action” button
  4. Post a variety of Facebook post ideas consistently 
  5. Actively engage with your Facebook audience 

What are some tips for making effective Facebook ads?

3 top tips for effective Facebook ads are:

  1. Keep ads targeted and relevant 
  2. Make ads visually appealing 
  3. Include a clear call to action

How do I get more engaging posts on Facebook?

To boost your Facebook engagement you could create some of the following Facebook post ideas:

  1. Join in on Facebook trends
  2. Show behind the scenes 
  3. Tell your brand’s story
  4. Create infographics 
  5. Product/service photos 

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