Understanding the Facebook Algorithm in 2022

February 3rd, 2022 by

Facebook is now one of the seasoned veterans in the social media world, and the algorithm has been ever-changing to meet the demands of a new generation, while still ensuring that the older generation is still viewing content that is exciting and interesting to them. With this, Facebook Marketing also has to get with the times to maximise the engagement and reach of their content. Here, we will begin to understand the challenges and solutions of the Facebook algorithm in 2022.


It’s no secret that the Facebook algorithm has been at the forefront of a large data scandal of late. Facebook algorithm posts have therefore had to adapt to the changing times and customers are wary of what they are viewing, and more aware of what they want to see. 

Facebook is still in the process of creating an algorithm that introduces a higher level of human oversight and control. Facebook’s goal with this change is to crack down on the spread of misinformation, and misleading and divisive opinions that has been brought to light lately.

Another common criticism of Facebook is that it has somewhat lost its way in terms of the social aspect of the platform, with the news feed prioritising posts from companies rather than friends.

New changes

In response to this, Facebook is giving users more control over what they see. With new advances in technology, the Facebook algorithm will change to highlight priorities such as what time users log on and how long they spend browsing the News Feed. This change will mean that people who spend more time on Facebook, will garner more sponsored content as they are more likely to be susceptible to ad content. 

Facebook have also discarded the name EdgeRank for their algorithm, but have kept the same formula and format they have been using previously, just to confuse you!

How to get the most out of your Facebook algorithm post

Facebook has been setting some new standards for what it prefers on its site. What does this mean for marketers? You need to make some changes if you’re looking to develop your audience on Facebook.

Post General Content

To get the most out of the Facebook algorithm in 2022, you need to have a tactic behind your post. For example, bloggers can post general content on Facebook, focused on an event or even a Facebook trend to help with engagement and reach. This will allow for content to reach more mass audiences and entice people to stay and follow the page for future articles.

It is also important to focus on quality over quantity, as the algorithm prioritises high engagement instead of an excess of information. In this content, to engage with the audience helps Facebook algorithm posts perform better.

Live Video

Facebook Marketing thrives when brands use live video. The social network has been increasingly pushing for it to become a bigger aspect on the site. Brands that use Facebook Live tend to see 6x more engagement compared to simple video posts.

Not only does it provide brands with a unique way of reaching out to their community, but it also helps them extract the best Facebook engagement. 

Timed Posting

Recency is a big ranking factor that Facebook’s algorithm in 2022 considers when deciding which posts to show users. It places new posts higher up in the News Feed. Facebook itself stresses that by posting when most of your followers are online, you have a better chance of increasing your organic reach.

So, dive deep into the audience metrics for your Facebook Marketing. See when most of your followers are online. Use the Post scheduling tool that Facebook provides to have new content lined up to publish at just the right moment.


As simple as it sounds, the easiest way to work with the Facebook algorithm 2022 is to post engaging content. Be creative and original in your content, and it will be more likely to be picked up in the Facebook algorithm. 

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