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Threads is still in its infancy. Unfortunately a lot of features are yet to be implemented when it comes to improving discoverability for brands, creators and communities. 

Features such as hashtags, a trending conversations tab and ads are still not readily available for use and the Threads algorithm is yet to see some level of customisation and chronology. Currently, the Threads algorithm offers a balanced mix of posts from those one follows and algorithm-selected posts from new accounts. While this is beneficial to those seeking new communities to join, we understand that not everyone enjoys this mix. Recently, Threads launched the Following tab on the platform. This offers users some level of control over who they wish to see and interact with. 

In the meantime, there is technically no right or wrong way for brands and creators to run discoverability efforts. However, leading industry experts claim that, while we wait, the trick to improving discoverability on Threads lies within conversation contribution. Simply being involved in relevant Threads will put you in good stead for appearing in front of your target demographic. 

Unfortunately, rediscovering Threads is also not yet a possibility. This means that just contributing to a select few relevant conversations will not be enough to get your name out there and improve your discoverability on Threads. Instead, offering sound thoughts to multiple conversations will ensure you are constantly appearing in front of the right audiences. 

But until these features are launched, our advice is to spend time finding your voice on the platform before diving right into business. This way you can assess the nature of the audiences you are trying to reach and tailor your targeting strategy accordingly; ultimately enhancing your discoverability on Threads.

Finding your voice on Threads

One of Threads’ distinct advantages is its focus on Thread discoverability. Thanks to its algorithm promoting new content on feeds, users can easily explore and discover Threads beyond their immediate network, providing ample opportunity for brands and creators to expand their reach. To leverage this, brands and creators should optimise their Threads for discoverability. This could look like the following:

For brands this looks a lot like implementing themselves into multiple relevant conversations—avoiding spam-like behaviour of course. For example, skincare brands could offer advice in the comments section of a Thread exploring a particular skincare concern. Presenting as a valuable source of information and authoritative figure within this space will prompt interested users to explore your profile and, then, your brand. 

Similarly, creators can leverage their ability to slot themselves into relevant conversations to appeal to their target audience and benefit their existing community. This could involve joining conversations about the future of Threads and how they wish to see it evolve for the sake of creators connecting with their communities. Multiple users have expressed their desire for a real-time, chronological feed. This will make comments more relevant and invite new followers to interact. 

Adam Mosseri has since commented on the concerns regarding the platform’s feed, saying that “both Instagram and Facebook have chronological feed options, so yes, we are going to bring one to Threads too”. 

Threads’ association with Instagram also works in the favour of both brands and creators. The ability to share individual Threads to one’s Instagram Story puts content in front of a new audience of people who may not have downloaded the app yet. This is somewhat of a double-edged sword, however. While this boosts discoverability, it also takes away a user’s need to go to Threads itself to actively discover content. This only adds to the rise in the passive consumption of content, as users are becoming more and more used to seeing cross-platform content appear on their preferred network, potentially hindering Threads’ initial sign up success. 

If resharing Threads content to Instagram is part of your strategy, then by all means, do so. However, our suggestion is to carefully select those which are most likely to persuade your target audience to download the app to discover more about your activity on the platform. 

What will discoverability on Threads look like post-feature rollout?

As with all social media platforms, relevant keywording, hashtagging and engaging titles are all non-negotiables when it comes to improving discoverability. As we predict, Threads will be no exception. 

The issue users are currently faced with is the inability to rediscover Threads of interest. However, appropriately embedding discoverable hashtags and keywords into your content will ease the task of searching for your profile. These can also be included in your Thread replies to important and relevant topics of conversation. When a user searches for you on Threads they will be able to learn of your opinions and interactions with others, rather than just how you present yourself on your own profile.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room…ads. 

The question on everyone’s lips is “when can we expect to see ads rolled out on Threads?”. Zuckerberg’s answer? Once Threads hits 1 billion sign ups. However, with the EU falling seriously far behind due to Meta legislation issues, we’re not sure we can expect this any time soon. A more realistic timeline has since been presented by Mosseri who, in a podcast, explained that ads are the “most likely direction”, however, Meta is not focused on their rollout at all right now. 

If and when they are implemented, there is no denying that ads on Threads will be huge. A new platform means new activity and new data and, therefore, new ways to learn what users like and dislike. If Threads continues to grow at the rate it has been, inventory on Threads will increase and cost will decrease, paving the way for ads that may not have been profitable, to be profitable with lower costs. 

Our prediction is that the delay in the introduction of ads to Threads will push creators and brands to adopt a truly culturally-fluent, organic social strategy. Instead of rushing into uncertain business strategies, influential accounts should take the time to bask in the simplicity of Threads. The most beneficial business move that can be made is to let audiences shape the future of Threads and then figure out where brands and creators can slot in; all with the intention of adding to communities and, therefore, having a truly purposeful and effective role on the platform. 

Discoverability on Threads remains a new and relatively untouched subject matter. To some this is seen as a setback, as a clear, successful strategy is not yet evident, but to others the freedom to approach one’s discoverability on Threads strategy how they wish is, in fact, beneficial. New approaches pave the way for new marketing techniques and, in turn, paint Threads as a pioneer in the online marketing space. 

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