The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Digital Marketing Plan and How to Improve Your Digital Presence

September 17th, 2021 by

In a digital age, a digital marketing plan should be a big component of your overall marketing strategy. Consumers are constantly online so it’s important to have a sound understanding of how your audience really spends their time online. The ever-evolving and changing digital landscape can be overwhelming without a well-thought out digital marketing plan. But, creating a digital marketing plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

A digital marketing plan can help you improve your digital presence, making you easier to find by target audience members. Brands need to have a strong digital presence to prove to audiences they are leaders within their industry and niches. It proves to relevant audiences you can provide real value to them, in terms of information and product or service offerings. 

What is a digital marketing plan 2021?

A digital marketing plan is typically a document that strategically outlines your digital marketing objectives and the actions needed to achieve those objectives. The objectives and digital marketing plan steps need to be achievable and measurable so you can monitor your progress accurately.

How to create a digital marketing plan

Conduct a situational analysis

When creating a digital marketing plan, the first thing you need to do is understand your existing digital presence. By conducting a situational analysis of your digital presence, you can identify your current strengths and opportunities as well as weaknesses and threats. From these, you can set accurate, relevant and measurable objectives and goals to help you achieve your overall marketing goals. 

This is also where you should create a customer profile. Knowing your customers is the most important part of building any strategy. You should know their age, gender, disposable income, geographic location, hobbies and priorities and key challenges they face. 

Set your digital marketing goals

As mentioned above, once you know every detail of your digital presence, you can begin setting digital marketing goals you want to achieve. These goals should help you achieve your overall marketing goals, but should still be specific and measurable for digital. An example could be: “I want to reach 30,000 visits a month on my website every month within three months.” 

Align on your digital marketing strategy

Once you have set your digital goals, you need to identify the digital marketing plan steps to take and metrics to measure your success. These steps should pave a clear path for achieving your digital marketing goals. You should be able to continually monitor your progress, and adjust your plan accordingly to achieve the best results. 

Within your strategy, you should identify the key content types and social media platforms you want to focus on. Video content is popular with consumers currently, but a consistent blog can increase leads by 300%. 

Identify key KPIs and metrics

Understanding your key performance indicators and relevant metrics will allow you to consistently monitor and improve your strategy. Sometimes, a digital marketing strategy can involve a fair amount of trial and error. By always monitoring your progress, you can realign and refocus efforts and resources to areas that work best from areas that are not performing to your standard. 

To help you with your monitoring, you could use a social listening tool. Not only will this collate all relevant information and data about your brand’s digital presence, it will inform you of organic conversations about your brand and industry in a visual way. 


How do you create a digital marketing plan?

To create a digital marketing plan, you need to know where you are positioned online. To create a digital marketing plan, you should begin with a situational analysis. This will identify the key areas you need to work on in order to achieve your digital marketing goals and overall marketing goals. 

What is included in a digital marketing plan?

Your digital marketing plan needs to include:

  1. Where you are currently tracking 
  2. Your digital marketing goals
  3. Your digital marketing strategy and steps 
  4. Your KPIs and key metrics to measure

What is meant by “digital marketing plan”?

A digital marketing plan is typically a document that strategically outlines your digital marketing objectives and the actions needed to achieve those objectives.

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