Why Digital Marketing is Essential to Brand Building

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Having a strong brand identity is important, especially when in a market that grows quickly. Consumers have shifted to prefer online shopping to traditional bricks and mortar, so having easily identifiable branding will help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered. Digital marketing for brands should be a business priority, but how do digital marketing and branding work together to create a strong presence online?

Digital marketing for brands: creating strong branding through digital marketing

Good digital marketing for brands can be make or break for consumers, namely because it can be the difference between whether you are remembered or forgotten. 

A strong brand has a crystal clear understanding of its USP and is able to show this to its potential customers. It understands its competition and knows how it contributes to its industry. A strong brand understands itself completely from the inside out, including vision, mission and values and is able to communicate this to its employees and customers. 

Digital marketing and branding work hand-in-hand to create an online presence. Part of digital marketing for brands is creating a visual identity that includes logos, taglines, colour palettes and icons. These elements come together to create an eye-catching and memorable online presence. This online presence should translate into offline too—this will help consistently reach customers at key touch points and remind them of your brand.

The benefits of digital marketing for brands

Increased visibility, recognition and reach

The internet allows brands to have a global reach over a local one—something bricks and mortar stores can struggle with, especially if a small business. With a global reach your brand could be seen by millions of people and you can engage with thousands on a daily basis.  

Having a presence on multiple platforms can make you one of the best digital marketing brands for recognition. The higher the brand recognition, the more likely you are to be chosen by customers.

Nurtured audiences across the customer journey

Having your brand recognisable across multiple digital spaces allows you to nurture your audience from brand awareness into the customer buying journey. As mentioned, consumers are more likely to be loyal to brands they recognise. If you continually tick all the boxes from awareness to consideration to decision, you will be able to turn a consumer into a customer and then a customer into an ambassador. 

To nurture your audience, you need to implement all relevant sections of digital marketing. This includes email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

High credibility and trust

A recognisable brand is always considered trustworthy by consumers; these brands tend to have a loyal following and customer base as a result of consistently delivering on its promises. A brand with high levels of trust increases its credibility within its customers and industry as a whole. 

When trust and credibility grow, so does a loyal community. In turn, this increases word of mouth marketing, web traffic, conversion rates and engagement with social media posts and blogs. This all gives a brand a good competitive advantage.

Build a strong community

Community building requires the input of multiple teams and employees. This is because when everyone puts their heads together to focus on growing a community, the benefits can be huge.

Focusing on your online presence and branding through digital marketing will consistently build a community online, which can make it easier to introduce products and means you can spend less time (and budget) building brand awareness as your community will do it for you. 

Building a community also means you can have access to feedback on your brand. If your audience begins doubting your values or disagrees with a certain campaign’s branding, you can ask for their feedback and make appropriate changes.

Increased brand equity

Brand equity is the commercial value gained from how consumers feel about a brand and how well a brand commands market share and profit. A higher brand equity means your business will have lower advertising costs relating to gaining traffic or awareness. 

Consumers are drawn to stronger brands that have a higher brand equity. This not only means it’s easier to recruit new employees but it gives brands the opportunity to implement a premium pricing structure.


Which brand is best for digital marketing?

There are many brands that are pros with their digital marketing. One of the best digital marketing brands at the moment is Sephora. 

As a result of having to close doors from COVID restrictions, Sephora worked to combine offline retail with a digital experience. Sephora developed an app that uses AI and AR to let users “try on” makeup items they would find in store or online. The app provides the user with tips and suggestions as they use it and is directly connected to the online shop so shoppers can basket and purchase as they please.

best digital marketing brands at the moment is Sephora.

How do I find brands for digital marketing?

If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can develop your branding through digital marketing, take a look at our list below. 

Nike takes great care when it comes to its digital campaigns and has produced some of the most memorable and successful ads over the years. More recently, it has introduced a 24 hour chatbot to assist customers globally, whenever. Nike partnered with Facebook’s Messenger chatbot platform to promote the Jordan brand. Users could customise notifications from the bot regarding new release news and saw an incredibly open rate of 87%—massive when compared to the industry average email open rate of 17%.

Nike digital marketing campaign

Innocent Drinks is a master at digital content marketing. The drinks brand is well known for its interactive, quirky and witty content—particularly on Twitter and TikTok. Innocent knows how to create a media buzz, build awareness and generate organic customer engagement. Innocent succeeds through using a relatable, friendly tone of voice that differs from the corporate tone many other businesses use.

@innocentdrinksAnother day of not following very clear instructions. ##buysmoothies ##summervibes ##foryou♬ chicken tikka – hannah

Netflix understands the importance of personalised marketing. Instead of bombarding its users with every latest release, it sends highly personalised push notifications and emails that include a clear call to action. Customers receive notifications based on their previous watch choices and are sometimes addressed by their first name (or the name on the account).

Netflix understands the importance of personalised marketing

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